Where to find me!

There are SO many platforms that I use for College Prepster.  Sometimes even I forget how many different places you can find College Prepster!!!  But seriously, it’s confusing.  Especially if you’re new here… you may not know where you can find me or maybe you just want to know what I use each platform for.  It’s complicated, but separating College Prepster out a little bit helps each reader/follower/fan/friend figure out which aspect works best for them.
Obviously, you know about the regular blog since, well, you’re here now!!!
But where else is the College Prepster?
Facebook.  I use the Facebook fan page to highlight blog posts that I particularly love, quick updates that I’d like to get some feedback on, funny tidbits that you may find interesting if you’re bored in class, and special features/links about different brands I like.
If you have an iPhone, you can follow @collegeprepster on Instagram.  If you don’t have an iPhone, you can find all my latest pictures on Followgram.  I send some pictures to Twitter, but I also upload Instagrams that don’t get posted anywhere else!  Normally these are funny little updates about my day.  Notable photos: daily OOTDs, #brownienight, and funny pictures of California Funk.
Pinterest.  I am trying to be better at pinning to Pinterest.  Generally, I get on and pin a bunch if I have a few minutes to kill in between classes or I’m waiting for something to download.  The boards are definitely my “inspiration” boards (or whatever the cool people call them nowadays).  I tend to pin way too frequently in the food board.  I just added a super cute dog one, as well as a Paris wanderlust board.  I have a lot of fun finding images that suit my taste.

Tumblr.  I use Tumblr to document my daily outfits and answer reader questions.  “Reblogging” is not the primary focus of my Tumblr (images I like are added to my Pinterest), but I will from time-to-time if something really catches my eye!
Twitter.  I have NO idea how to describe my Twitter.  It’s semi all over the place.  I like to share quotations that inspire me, connect with other bloggers, upload pictures/Instagrams, document the daily happenings, and share my enthusiasm over various events!
Prep Talk.  This is my weekly newsletter.  It goes out every Sunday at 7pm.  I designed it to be a motivational tool to get you through the week.  Sunday nights are always stressful since you know that the work/school week starts the next morning.  Prep Talk has a theme of the week and various columns written by other great bloggers!
Phew!!!  So that’s where I am and how I use each platform!!!
What about you?  Do you use the same platforms that I do?  Do you use them differently?  Are you using something that I’m not on (but that I should)?

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Personally, I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook, twitter, and blogger so I've avoided joining Pinterest because I don't really want to have another internet distraction! And I don't have an iPhone, but I think Instagram looks like it'd be so much fun to have.


WOW, I have no idea how you keep up with it all : ) I have LoneStarPrep plus my private family blog (both of which take up way too much time!), Pinterest (my addiction) and my Facebook account, which I am totally over.


Girlfriend, you are one busy lady! I seriously cannot believe that you are able to stay updated with all of medias AND go to Georgetwon at the same tme. Honestly you're a great role model for college students!


As sSe said, you're definitely a great model for college students in regards to social media! Which out of the ones you've listed is your favorite and why?