White Sangria

I am not a big drinker.  Really, my whole family isn’t.  But I’ve been finding these recipes for cute-looking drinks on Pinterest.  This is the one I made for our Christmas dinner.  It’s a “Winter White Sangria.”  (You can find the original recipe here.)
Soccer Mom and I made some the other night to celebrate a great GPA and 2012!  We sat outside on the porch and read books & magazines.  It was even chilly outside so we snuggled under blankets.  (Unheard of by Tampa standards.)
What you’ll need:
White Wine
3 Cans of Sprite
Grand Marnier
Pomegranate Seeds 
Definitely, remove your jewelry.  You don’t know how tricky these little pomegranates are!
I suggest watching some videos on Youtube about how to deal with them.  I watched two before I felt comfortable to “de-seed.”
Also, wear an apron and a shirt you don’t care about.

Wash the pomegranates.  Take a knife and slice the skin, dividing the fruit into quarters.  Then cut the top, kind of like a pumpkin.  Then pry open the fruit.

I used two pomegranates so we would have extra seeds.

Here’s the boring part.  I took each little section and dunked it in a bowl of water.  While the seed is under water, maneuver the seeds away from the skin. 

Drain the seeds.

Slice the limes.

Pour everything into a pitcher.

Add ice and serve!

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Mhmm this sounds delicious! I can't wait to show this to my roommate! She is obsessed with pomegranates!


Oh my goodness! That looks delicious! I'm not even sure I've ever had Sangria! I usually stick to white whine — but I might have to try this.. I wonder if it would be okay to use pomegranate seeds that have already been seeded for easier preparation!?


Love this!! According to Jamie Oliver, you can get pomegranate seeds out by cutting them in half, turning it so the outside is facing you and the seeds are facing the bowl and then bang the back of pomegranate with a wooden spoon.


I will definitely try this, it looks yummy! When I was on holiday in Ibiza last year, I really enjoyed drinking 'normal' Sangria, so this one will probably be yummy as well.


This looks fab, I'm trying for my sorority party! by the way, I love your iPhone case. I love the color, where did you get it from