Winter Break According to my iPhone

[Who uses real cameras anyway???  Actually, even Annie Leibovitz uses an iPhone for daily picture taking.  If that doesn’t say something about the iPhone, then I don’t know what else would.]
I had the most amazing winter break.  Finally, after years of being a rower/coxswain… I had a whole break to myself.  No erg workouts.  No training trips.  Brilliant.
I can’t believe I’m heading back to Georgetown for my last semester.  I mean, honestly, where does time go?  Luckily, I have at least a few more hours before classes actually begin again and I’m back on that ole hamster wheel.  Here’s the recap of my break:
Lots of Saturday lunches at Palma Ceia

So many nights babysitting for the little loves of my life!

I’ve accepted the fact that I’d totally be A-Okay as a professional cat lady 🙂

Working is so much better in front of the Christmas tree while watching French films.

It is the absolute best to sit down with old friends and pick up right where you left off!  Spend more time at dinner talking than eating… love these girls more than anything.

I didn’t read as much as I would have liked, but I think I got in just over 1,100 pages of reading!


So. Many. Cake. Pops.

Tonsillitis!  I was actually super lucky and caught it extremely early.  A bottle of pills and a shot in the rear end and I was good to go!

Does it get any better than that?

Sippy-sues of sangria.

Christmas is always fun and relaxed in our house.

The Sweet Lemon photoshoot was too much fun!

I loved spending time with Sporty Sister.  Braiding her hair… just like old times… except she actually didn’t take it out this time.  Now that, my friends, is sisterly progress.

Chilly nights on the porch.

More time with friends.  Please forgive my unenthusiastic smile in the picture above… I was in a weird mood that night!

Instagram Photostrips… Apparently super popular on Pinterest!  I loved watching all the hits coming in and signing into my account and seeing my thumb.  Bizarre, but fun!

More babysitting.  Love these girlies.  And their big brother who is now nine and is super camera shy.  “Don’t you dare tweet that picture of me….” 
Soccer Mom and I went to see The Million Dollar Quartet… on Elvis’ birthday!  Fun fun fun musical.
How was your break?

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I have been following your wonderful blog for over a year and you have inspired me to start my own recently!


Wow, you were so busy! My break wasn't so much of a break as it was graduating, doing the Christmas thing, packing up my entire house into my little car, having New Years with my family, and then moving 900 miles away, haha.