10 Must Have Shoes

I have a serious shoe problem. This year, I think I might have quadrupled the number of shoes I have. I have a rack in my second closet with my dressy shoes, a pile of my everyday shoes by the door, a huge bin under the bed with all my flats, and a massive bag under my kitchen table (not sure why…).
Part of the problem is that I have different shoe wardrobes for every season. I have shoes that are special occasion, but there are a select few that I wear the most. The shoes that every closet needs… the shoes that you can wear with just about everything.
I’m also committing to going through my shoes and donating the ones that I haven’t worn in a while. I’ve noticed that I have hung onto shoes that I only wore once or twice and just don’t have a need for them anymore. No point in feeling weighted down with extra shoes. (Now, if only I could muster the same personal strength for the piles of sweaters I’ve amassed…)
Here are my picks for my tried and true shoes for late summer/early fall:
Among these ten shoes, you’ll have options for just about every outfit and occasion. The nude pumps are definitely one of my “secret weapon” shoes… They look great with fancy dresses for nights out and they also work with skinny jeans and a blazer for date night. I held out a long time on the nude pump thing and finally my mom forced me to get a pair about two years ago… Mom’s always right. They always come in handy. I wear my riding boots a few times a week– if not more– during the fall. I personally love my Tory Burch boots, but Sam Edelman makes a gorgeous pair, too. For everyday errands, I typically opt for ballet flats or loafers… both worn in to perfection! And don’t forget your leopard. Jenna Lyons is right, leopard is a neutral. A pump is fun, but a little leopard flat will also get the job done!

What shoes do you think are the best for late summer/early fall? Any must have shoes you wear all the time?

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I have those booties from Madewell in black and they are the greatest! I swear by my Bean Boots come winter time and I never take them off. However, my best staple for fall and winter are definitely riding boots because they go with everything and are perfect for every outfit and occasion! You can't go wrong and are worth the investment.

Annie Belle

Sarah Morris

Great recommendations! Love the booties from Madewell but as much as I love them they're out of my price range at the moment. Any less expensive alternatives?


I don't really do sneaks, whether they are casual slip ons or sporty, but otherwise I totally agree! I need to get a better pair of nude heels bad (I keep hoping some Louboutins will come into my life…), and this winter I need a great pair of dark brown riding boots!

Kasey {preppylove}


I absolutely love Bean boots! They are really great for college students or just anyone who walks a lot in all kinds of weather. 🙂