10 Things Vol. 11

It’s time for another “ten things” post. I stole this idea from my friend Kelly– but it’s basically just an old school blog post where I share the first ten things that come to mind… Ready, set, go!

ONE // The Bad Haircut

Remember when I got a really bad haircut in September? (I don’t think the haircut was objectively bad– it just was not what I asked for and most importantly it did not feel like “me.”) Well it’s been over six months and I’ve had I think three additional trims– at a new salon!– and I finally feel like my hair is more “me” again. I think I’m going to do one more big cut soon and then let it get a little longer for summer. It’s been a journey, but whew, what a relief it is to not hate your hair?

TWO // Early Toddler Stage

I actually really loved the baby stage. Jack’s first year was difficult, yes, but it was also pretty magical and special, too. When I look back, I only really remember all the good things. But… I am loving this early toddler stage. I feel like I have a little buddy with me every day and we are actually like doing things together. It’s not like I’m just toting around an infant. In some ways, of course, it’s harder…. but the pros are way outweighing the cons. My favorite part has to be all the new funny words Jack says. “Delicious” and “le-low” (aka yellow) absolutely kill me. It’s also amazing to see him actually interact with his friends 🤯 All the hugs, all the high fives. And chanting of names?! I love it.

THREE // Trader Joe flowers

Even though this is not really groundbreaking news with this one at all, I have to include it. I have just been so impressed with Trader Joes’ flower selection lately. I can’t resist bringing home flowers every visit and I’m trying to keep a bunch of the rooms we live in the most topped off with fresh flowers. It really does brighten my mood! I recently got some hyacinth and the scent alone has transported me back to very happy memories. I can’t pinpoint it exactly and it’s driving me crazy, but I know they’re good positive memories. Their selection of tulips, garden roses, and hydrangeas are giving our house LIFE!

FOUR // Outside time

I know I’m a broken record here. I just can’t get over how impactful this 1000 Hours Outside challenge has been for our family…. I started it after seeing a few TikToks about the challenge and truly decided to do it for Jack’s sake. I just couldn’t have anticipated how wonderful it’s been for me. My feet hurt from walking so much and my lips are incredibly dry (and we’ve already gone through a thing of sunscreen each)…. but it’s amazing. Naps are longer. My house is cleaner. I think Jack’s physical confidence has also increased a lot. We see so many more of our neighbors and have met new ones at the park. (It is very funny to hear our friends honk their horns at us as we march through town for various errands– I keep getting texts, “We just saw you on Main Street!”)

FIVE // Taylor Swift Concert

You guys know I’m the worst concert goer in history…… and I was very certain I would 100% skip out on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour……. With that said, I am experiencing major FOMO. It looks incredible from everything I’ve seen online and now I’m like, ugh, do I need to figure out a way to go?! The ticket prices are absolute madness and I would hate to get there and feel overwhelmed by the crowd and “waste” the ticket. (A stadium tour is even more intense!) So I’ll very likely just continue to watch all the concert footage via TikTok, ha. Taylor is killing it though– a three hour show with no breaks and 52 sold out stadium shows with even more people who would go if there were more tickets?! Unbelievable! 👏🏻

SIX // Sesame Street

We have become a Sesame Street family and I’m not really mad about it. I grew up watching Sesame Street– loved it and Barney so much! It’s so fun to see Jack fall in love with the same characters and, honestly, I don’t find it annoying as an adult. (Some children’s programing is a no-go for me just because the sound is like nails on a chalkboard!) Jack loves “Elmoooo” so much and really prefers it when he’s on screen, so sometimes when we’re in a pinch I’ll put on Elmo compilation videos and it does the trick. I looked into getting tickets to go to Sesame Street Live, but apparently the entire tour was canceled?! I hope it comes back up… would be such a fun “first show” for Jack! (Speaking of which, I did think the Hungry Caterpillar Show could also be cute?!)

SEVEN // Friends, for real

Wow, what a difference a year makes. It’s crazy how much closer I am with local friends. Moving to my husband’s hometown (Mike grew up one town over from where we live) was a little intimidating. He had a whole built-in group of friends from growing up and I knew no one. I really have had to put myself out there, but omg it’s been so worth it. Honestly making friends as an adult is hard. I was a little discouraged during the pandemic because it felt very hard to meet people in our community… it’s happening now though. I’m grateful.

EIGHT // Spring Wardrobe Crisis

Anyone else having a spring wardrobe crisis? I don’t think I really bought a lot of things in 2019 because we were in the process of buying our house. Then 2020 was weird for obvious reasons. 2021 I was pregnant. In 2022 I was breastfeeding…. and now I feel like I have no idea who I am or what I want to wear 🤣 I realized I have a lot of great summer clothes and I like my winter clothes– it’s this “shoulder season.” It’s mostly still cold, but we have been having a few warm days and I’m like… what do I wear. Not so fun. I can’t be the only one though right?

NINE // Bath Time Again

Our guest bath/Jack’s bath is finally done. Still some minor details to add, but the actual bath tub is done. It took a lot longer than anyone anticipated and honestly I think Jack forgot what taking baths was like. (Mike has been bringing him into a shower.) Well now that we can take real baths again, it’s pretty much like going to an amusement park every night now. The level of thrill he experiences! I’ll never take that bathtub for granted! Also there is just nothing sweeter than putting a cozy kid fresh from the bath into PJs and reading some books before bed.

TEN // Pickleball…

I’ve been on the pickleball grind lately and having so much fun. My friend and I have been playing at our pond club once a week and now that the weather is getting warmer, we are trying to squeeze in even more playing time. It’s hard to find time between work and our kids, but we are having so much fun with it. I don’t think you need to take official lessons, it’s a pretty easy sport to learn. (There’s a reason why everyone is playing!) The lessons have been helpful though. I think the biggest thing for me, honestly, is that it’s scheduled group lessons that we sign up for and once I sign up, I’m committed to going. That’s half the battle for me. It’s also been a nice way to meet even more people. I almost always go with my friend, but we’ve been able to meet other members of our club that we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise (with different aged kids, no kids, etc.). It’s very social! And honestly it’s just fun. I have really steered clear from competitions as I work through some of my perfectionism issues (🫣), but I have to admit that this has been a fun lighthearted way to be competitive without it turning too intense.

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Sesame Place is a fun place to go. My son loved SS too and he had fun visiting Sesame Place


I had heard mixed reviews but I think Jack is little enough to enjoy… we’ll probably try it when it gets a little nicer out!


I literally just came here to say this! We brought a 4 & 2yo and they loved it! My oldest was just tall enough for the “roller coaster” and she still talks about it. The character lunch is so cute! Might be worth doing the water park portion on a hot day 🙂


We had no idea it was a water park (we live in FL). So we just did all the other stuff and meeting the characters. Our son was 2-3 and he had a ball!!


Loved this post! Quick question – how do you log your 1000 hours outside? Is there an app or just you timing it? Very motivating to spend as much time outside with our 2yo!


I’ve loved reading about the 1000 hours outside! Think you could do a post with suggestions for littles??


I love these posts, Carly!

Also I’m going to see Taylor Swift with my husband’s best friend(27) from college (also a good friend of mine), my 22 year old sister, and her best friend. I think I’ll be the least die-hard fan in the group – but I also know that I’ll have an absolute blast singing all her songs. (I’m almost 29 for reference). I think that you would fit right in with us!

I was very inspired by your Harry Styles concert experience, and I’m planning to go to a Jonas Brothers concert by myself when they tour next!


Could you write more about making new friends as an adult? The struggle is real!


Do you have a list of Jack’s favorite bath toys? P.S. I love getting your emails every day, no matter the subject matter!


We had a four year long Thomas the Train stint in our home. Our second and third children haven’t picked up on the Thomas train, and our oldest moved into Cars. I do miss Thomas and train track building. Enjoy Elmo & Barney!!


How did you turn the page on making more friends this year? Blog post on this, please!


So many great and relatable items in this list, especially making friends and the spring wardrobe crisis! Same timeline for the spring wardrobe crisis except we moved to the middle of nowhere in Maine in 2020 and didn’t get a chance to meet anyone because of the pandemic and now just moved to Virginia, so my warm weather wardrobe (and not just outdoorsy clothes) is so behind. I’m just trying to keep up with my 18 month old guy’s styling wardrobe and figure out how to make some friends. 😂