10 THINGS Vol. 13

It’s time for another “ten things” post. I stole this idea from my friend Kelly– but it’s basically just an old school blog post where I share the first ten things that come to mind… Ready, set, go!

ONE // A Movie Era

Years ago, I was obsessed with going to the movies. I had that MoviePass subscription and took full, full advantage of it. This was before they put any kind of limitations on it and I was in a long distance relationship living alone with no kids. I went to the movie theater all the time. (My favorite thing to do was to go for the first showing of the day and bring a Yeti of coffee in with me.) Then MoviePass went under. Then the pandemic hit. Then I had a baby… and I really haven’t seen many movies in a theater since. Going to the movies isn’t a priority for me– I’d rather go out to dinner when we have a babysitter so we can actually talk– but I have missed the movie experience. Well…. I’ve been watching movies at home! This sounds so dumb, but I totally forgot you could, um, RENT movies. The selection of movies available to rent is so much better than streaming and I have been loving my new weekly tradition of finding a movie I’ve never watched before! Some favorites I’ve watched so far: WildflowerAre You There God, It’s Me Margaret, and Where the Crawdads Sing. Let me know what I should watch next!

TWO // The Pregnancy “Secret”

I’m so relieved to be in the second trimester of my pregnancy and that I was able to finally announce it. I really struggle during the first trimester and this time around felt particularly challenging? My plan was actually to wait a little bit longer to announce, but I started to show so much and I really couldn’t hide it much longer! (Someone at the gym actually asked if I was pregnant at 10 weeks so….. I knew it was only a matter of time.) I also feel a little icky keeping any kind of secret, for some reason it makes me feel like I should feel ashamed? I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but bottom line is that I feel relieved that it’s out in the open.

THREE // Over Summer

For the first time I think ever, I’m over summer?! I love summer. I look forward to summer all year. I love the leaves on the trees and how green New Jersey gets in particular. I love the summer activities and the summer trips and the different pace of life during summer. But whew. This summer has drained me. Seeing it through the eyes of a two year old has been incredible and incredibly exhausting. Add in morning sickness and heat waves and it’s pushed me over the edge. It’s not that I’m necessarily ready for fall… I’m just over summer right now. I feel so guilty saying that! (Maybe also I’m actually looking forward to winter this year?! I can’t wait to meet this baby boy and have a cozy winter nesting and then snuggling up in the newborn phase….)

FOUR // Workout Clothes

My normal go-to workout clothes aren’t cutting it right now! I did a lot of at-home workouts when I was last pregnant so I could get away with just sports bras and my gloriously stretchy and comfy Align leggings. What do I wear for tops with a growing bump that’s comfortable with coverage? I’m also hoping that a little workout clothes refresh with re-inspire me to push myself a bit more at the gym. (I think I’m at a point where I can do a little bit more again finally.) There is something nice about some clothes to add a little bit of motivation, right?

FIVE // Celine Sunglasses

Speaking of new clothes, I recently made a big accessory purchase for me! I finally bought the pair of sunglasses that I have been lusting over. They are absolutely a splurge, but I’ve been thinking about them for months and months. For big purchases, I try not to make impulsive buys. Honestly, I usually do forget about things that feel like “major wants” after a month or two. These sunglasses though? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I bought them, I told myself I could return it if I had any second guessing…. but I didn’t! I’ve been loving the glasses so much!

SIX // My Birthday

Speaking of those sunglasses, I think I’ll probably consider the sunglasses my birthday gift to myself. I was actually going to wait to buy them for my birthday and then I was like, “Well whatever, I’m an adult it’s fine if I make the splurge six weeks earlier. It doesn’t really matter.” I still am kind of thinking if I want to do something on my birthday. I thought about doing a little pickleball match with my friends, but my birthday is Labor Day weekend so it would be nearly impossible. Actually maybe I actually take myself out to the movies!!

SEVEN // Confetti Cake

Well on the note of birthdays, I have to rave about the cake I got for Jack’s birthday. I mentioned the mom guilt I felt at buying a cake instead of making one, but let me tell you, it ended up being so delicious. I went to Stop N Shop and got the “homestyle confetti cake.” So. Good. It tasted better than homemade. Light and fluffy with a perfect cake to icing ratio. A week ago, I would have been adamant that Publix had the best grocery store cake but now…… I don’t know…. this confetti cake may take the, well, cake.

EIGHT // Cooking

My personal challenge of cooking more has been going surprisingly well? I swear one thing that has helped me tremendously is watching TikTok videos of home chefs. It’s so inspiring to see what normal but skilled people are making for dinner. Instead of feeling intimidated (and woefully inadequate), I’m inspired! I’m so far from being able to whip something up without a recipe, but I’m at least cooking more and trying new flavor profiles out!

NINE // My Next Sewing Project

I think my next sewing project is going to be a quilt. I have been seeing so many beautiful quilts online and it’s been on my “list” of things to tackle. Once I finish Mike’s Christmas stocking (so. so. close.), I’m going to take a needlepoint break and bring out my sewing machine for a bit. The quilt won’t be very big or very fancy, but I just want to try my hand at it…. I really like the pattern of this, but I’m wondering if I can just scale it down?! (Can you tell I’m a newbie– this could be completely impossible.)

TEN // Preschool & Soccer

Jack is starting a little preschool program in September and I’m so excited for him. He loves daycare (and he’ll still go!), but we’re adding in a couple of days of preschool to the mix. It’s only a few hours twice a week, so nothing crazy. I just know he’s going to love it though! I initially emailed the school in February of 2022 (when Jack was six months old, hahaha!) and I cannot believe his start date is right around the corner. Because of daycare, I’m not really emotional about it, I’m truly thrilled for him! I also signed him up for SOCCER!!!! I found a local program for two year olds and I don’t know who is going to love it more: him or me! I loved the newborn phase, I loved the baby phase, but oh boy is this toddler stuff SO FUN. One of his buddies from daycare is signed up too and I’m sure we’ll meet even more families. I have no chill. 🙈

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Mel R

That quilt is totally doable for a beginner!! Straight lines are the way to go and there are no shortages of quilting tutorials on YouTube and TikTok. Buy Christmas fabric as soon as it comes out in Sept’/Oct because it goes fast! Can’t wait to see it!


My parents never did homemade cakes for birthdays so I felt zero guilt getting a Stop and Shop cake for my little girl’s first birthday this spring. Let me tell you, that thing was DELICIOUS. Grocery store cakes totally hit the spot for some reason in a way that fancier cakes can’t!


Each of these10 things totally resonated with me! I went to see the Barbie movie and it was my first time in a theatre since 2019 – that’s what 2 babies and a pandemic will do. But oh wow was it so fun! The popcorn, the soda, ah!

And the ‘no chill’ mom thing is so fun! I don’t know who loves the activities more – me or my kids ha! And one thing on quilts…my mom started out quilting with baby quilts because they were smaller and less daunting! (I think I’ve read your mom quilts too, so she probably has all the suggestions!)

Random thoughts – but I’ve been loving old school blogs lately (trying to cut down on social media) and just wanted to share! Hope you have a great week.


The Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals show is what got me over the cooking hump. I knew ‘how’ to cook but not how to do so efficiently. I know a lot of people knock her & I get it but I learned how to be an organized cook & I picked up tons of tricks about how to improvise


So, I quilt. As in, I am a great quilter and have made hundreds. The pattern you have linked is on the side of beginner. It is two 4 square blocks together surrounding a larger block. The big key with it is making sure your four patches are the right size and match. Personally, I would suggest a charm square quilt. It is 5″ blocks sewn together. Sewing and quilting are difficutly because you need to know seam allowances(they are different for both types…quilting is 1/4″). I’vve been quilting since I was a kid and really know my stuff, so I’m not degrading your choice, but pointing out that if you are extremely type A (which you do seem to be), the charm quilt may be the best way to start and then sew on. Also, don’t even stress over pre washing or not, iron seams open or closed. Every quilter does their own thing and if you make a mistake, its ok. Every quilt needs one and 99.9% of people never notice it. Be aware that quilting cotton has gone up in price and you’ll have puckering when you mix fabric types. I save all my scraps otherwise it’s like throwing $ away.

Valencia D. Gower

Say it ain’t so, Carly. Publix still has the best grocery store cake!!!


For workout tops, what about the tanks or tees that are split in the back? If you’re ok with some of your low back showing, I feel like the split would give you some flexibility as your bump grows.


I love that Jack is about to start soccer! My twin boys tried out a free soccer class aimed for 18-24m olds. I was so skeptical but they LOVED it so I think I’m going to sign up for the fall season!

Rebecca HT

So exciting that Jack is starting pre-school and soccer! Such big things for the little guy!

Also, I’d love if you shared some of the TikTok cooking people you follow. I also don’t like cooking, much, but need to eat at home more for my health, and I need all the inspiration I can get. Thanks!


You are so cute and I love your excitement over things like confetti cake, soccer, and of course the movies! I feel like I got to know you! Have a nice day Carly!

Sydni Jackson

Yes yes yes to being over summer. I’m a SUMMER GIRL but being pregnant with all these heat advisories (#florida) is no joke. Too bad fall is nowhere near arriving down here.
And, I also have my 2 year old signed up for a little soccer program this fall!! He is going to love it, and I think I will too hahah


Hi! I’m loving cooking tips and recipes from TikTok home chefs lately too! What are some of your favs lately? Would be great if you did a post, I think!

Love these 10 things post, by the way, keep ‘em coming!