10 THINGS Vol. 14

It’s time for another “ten things” post. I stole this idea from my friend Kelly– but it’s basically just an old school blog post where I share the first ten things that come to mind… Ready, set, go!

ONE // Needlepoint Camp

Maddie and I did our first “needlepoint camp” together right before the pandemic hit. We had the best time and did it again last year too. We didn’t get a chance for one this year, but we have planned one for early 2024 before the baby is due. It’ll be a last hurrah of sorts. I’m so looking forward to it and I think we’ll have a blast, as always. (I love planning trips for the winter months so there’s something to look forward to!) The plan is to keep it somewhat local and convenient since it’ll be close to my due date….

And I really tried to get an actual needlepoint camp on the books for this past summer/early fall that would have been open to the public, but it fell through due to some staffing changeovers. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it happen eventually because I think it would be GREAT!!!

TWO // Physically Uncomfortable

Speaking of pregnancy, whew, this one is kicking my butt. People keep asking me how I’m feeling and it’s hard to answer besides the generic “tired.” I do think I’d be tired just with a toddler anyway though. I was also super sick with Jack and threw up pretty much every day right until I gave birth and my morning sickness this time around disappeared in my second trimester (hallelujah!). With that said… physically I am struggling! I don’t feel terrible, but I’m incredibly uncomfortable. I feel so much more like how I did at 38/39 weeks with Jack. Wild!!! Specifically, I have one swollen foot 🤔 I went to the doctor just to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot and it’s not, just a swollen foot. Nothing to do. And I recently went to urgent care thinking I had a horrible ear infection. Nope, just TMJ. Overall, it’s not the end of the world and I know pregnancy is temporary.

THREE // Baby Names

I think we’re getting closer to figuring out the baby’s name! We have narrowed down the list and feel pretty good about a couple. Now it’s just a matter of solidifying a final choice. It’s so weird that the first time around we knew immediately what the boy name would be even before we knew the sex of the baby. I feel like there’s more pressure this time around?! Can’t explain why though? Honestly maybe it’s just from watching too many baby name consultants on TikTok. I also love a lot of baby boy names and then find that they ultimately don’t feel “right” for this baby even without really “meeting” him yet!

FOUR // Overstimulated

Anyone else feeling overstimulated? Everything seems to be cranking up into overdrive. It’s like I’m sitting on the edge of the highway trying to find an opening to merge in and the world is just whizzing past. I’m trying so hard to balance everything and keep my priorities in check. I inevitably am fighting a guilty feeling in some department though, even if I know I’m following my priorities. It’s manifesting itself with overstimulation. With noise, with my calendar, with clutter. I’m someone who enjoys being in the quiet and it’s just harder and harder to come by. I’ve been trying to combat this by carving out specific quiet time for myself. (Last week, I was in the city for a couple of events that I knew would drain my social battery– I ended up going in early so I could be in my hotel room for a few hours in my own solitude and opting for a playlist with a chill vibe for the drive home.) It’s one reason why I’m extra grateful I got an office space outside of my house– I get my best computer work done there knowing I have zero external distractions!

FIVE // Grey’s Anatomy

I started Grey’s Anatomy for the first time in forever. I used to watch the show religiously and it’s been fun to revisit an old favorite. I can’t remember when I stopped but I think it’s been at least ten years probably. I am loving it!!! What’s crazy is that when I first started watching, I was younger than the main characters and rewatching it as a 34 year old is wild. I have a totally different perspective and take on the interpersonal relationships. Even just hearing the theme song play is bringing me back all these nostalgic memories.

SIX // Bows

Bows are everywhere. I thought the trend was peaking last year, but nope. They’re even more in now than ever. As a bow-loving person who has worn ribbons in her hair non-stop since the third grade, I am really loving it. My love for bows has not always been understood (my own mother threw them away in elementary school so I would stop wearing them!!!!) and yet, I’ve remained a steadfast lover of bows. (It also didn’t stop me.) And wouldn’t you know….. everyone is finally getting on board. 🤣 I love to see it. Also, it’s great because now there are just so many options to choose from.

SEVEN // Workouts

need to get back on my workout grind. I always end up falling off my workout regimen towards the end of the year and it’s the worst for many reasons. One, I love working out and two, it’s when I actually need it the most! It’s darker out, work is heavier, and holidays can be stressful in general. My mental health needs the workouts, so why is it the first thing to go?! I’m trying to figure out what the best workout is for me right now in this stage of pregnancy.

EIGHT // Gift Guides

I’m already seeing gift guides popping up all over. Every year I try to hone in on the gift guide strategy. I’d love to hear from you though. Who are you actually buying gifts for? Who is the hardest recipient to shop for? What’s the budget we’re aiming for? (Honestly I find myself shopping gift guides for ideas for myself 🤭) Would love to make sure mine are tailored for what you actually need.

NINE // Boston Clogs

Oh man these Boston clogs are saving me! I don’t think I would have bought them had I not been suffering from a swollen foot (see point two) but now that I have them? I don’t know how I lived without! They’re the best shoe I have right now for the fall and they’re so, so comfortable. I have been wearing them with socks on chillier mornings and feel “cool,” yet most importantly comfortable. The perfect shoe for slipping on for preschool drop off and errands and even after the gym.

TEN // Car Washes

Very random, but one thing I didn’t realize I would appreciate so much as an adult is getting a good car wash. I love it!!! My poor car got pummeled by a walnut tree recently and the windshield and sunroof shattered from falling nuts! I got my windshield fixed immediately and my sunroof was on backorder, but it’s finally in stock so I’m getting that replaced this week. I will be celebrating with a fresh car wash and interior vacuum. I’ve been afraid to get it washed until the sunroof is fixed, so I’m counting down the hours. File this under small pleasures!

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You should try the sculpt society. Megan roup just revamped her prenatal program and is gearing up to revamp her postpartum program. She just had her second. She is just the loveliest instructor. She also has a great affiliate program if you love it!


I need suggestions for my nieces aged 7, 10 and 12! I’m flying a bit blind as far as input from their end goes.

Kelly H.

For the gift guides I’m shopping for a white elephant gift. Has to be $50 or under and gender neutral. We don’t have any major sports enthusiasts, cooks, or tech people in the group. But I don’t want to necessarily lean gift card. It’s such a struggle as most gift guides lean golf/cook/cozy grand millennials/beauty/alcohol and that doesn’t fit anyone in the group. 🤔


Along the same lines, would love to see a similar guide for $25 and under and a “favorite things” guide!


I totally feel you on feeling overstimulated and workouts! For feeling overstimulated, I’m staying off social media and inviting more moments of quiet/silence. For workouts, search for your favorite workout or whatever kind of movement you’re craving with “prenatal”. A hack I’m experimenting with is going for a short walk before starting a workout, rather than starting a workout straight from getting off the couch.


@ gift guides – our families are simplifying Christmas exchanges by drawing names, and gifting one item that’s $100 or less. A gift guide for parents & siblings under $100 would be amazing!


A good car wash and vacuum feels like such a little luxury! A years worth of car wash gift certificates would be a perfect gift for that hard to buy for person!

Kaitlyn Curran

Your small business gift guide a few years ago was one of my favorite! I love supporting small businesses and finding the unique things out there!

Courtney Jenney

I love that you’re taking gift guide ‘suggestions!’ There are so many similar ones out there, and I appreciate when someone really tailors them to their audiences needs… I’d love to see gift ideas for a soon-to-be/new mom!


I like it when gift guides explain why some of the items were included in the guide. It doesn’t need to be for every item on the list, but it makes it feel a little more personal to me!


I restarted Greys Anatomy in January and am now on season 15…I used to watch back in high school and totally agree that the updated perspective on characters as a 30-something is wild!


About gift guides…I’m trying to give less “crap” that is just going to end up in a box in a closet for the recipient. I’d love some ideas for picture frames (I like the idea of printing pictures and giving someone a framed photo of their family), mugs (who doesn’t love a beautiful mug), fun books, or boxed treats that can ship (as my mom says, “if I can’t read it or eat it, I don’t want it.”) Seems like fanny packs are also a fun and useful gift that people are appreciating!


I would love to see some gift guides in the $50 and under range. Especially for those who “have everything!”


I’m so curious to hear your baby’s name – my oldest is a Jack, too! I loved p.volve workouts when I was pregnant with my third (he’s a few days younger than Jack!). I did them 4-5 days a week my entire pregnancy, including the day before I delivered. They have great pregnancy modifications and an excellent prenatal/postnatal series w/an emphasis on pelvic floor strengthening. Would really recommend!


For gift guides, I always really love general guides for stocking stuffers/other small items that are under $25. It can be really hard to find gems at that price range that aren’t junk!

Laura J

How about a stocking stuffers for men gift guide? My husband and I stuff each others stockings and I struggle to find small items for him. All the stocking stuffer gift guides are typically for women!


It was already mentioned but a gift guide highlighting small businesses. I would also love to see one that maybe is for ideas not related to gifts. This could be activities to do or even charities to donate to in someone’s name


I would really love for gift guides based on phases of life. I feel like ppl do this naturally for kids, but for adults it’s a little harder, eg. new mom, college student, young professional… then it can apply to anyone and it covers wider age ranges versus a person’s relation to gift giver or their particular likes.


Cannot recommend Kara Duval Pilates enough for prenatal and postpartum workouts (and beyond, but those are especially helpful.) Joyful movement that feels safe, especially when you are feeling uncomfortable and super pregnant!


Would love a gift guide for men that doesn’t center alcohol! (not saying you’re do, just generally notice this trend)


Re: gift guides
Honestly, the hardest gift for me to buy every year is for the white elephant friends gift exchange. This year we have a limit of $40 and I struggle every year to find some cool that a friend wouldn’t buy for herself at this price point. I’d love some help!