10 THINGS Vol. 4

(1) We had such a great first Easter for Jack! Maybe other people experience this too, but I have a tendency to build very high expectations in my head. This is especially true for holidays and I can end up disappointed when reality doesn’t meet expectations. I’ve been really working on not setting expectations and just enjoying things as they come; that is remaining present. I have to say though, this past weekend was really, really nice. It was perfectly low key and it was nice hosting at our house. It was just nice– I went to bed feeling so content.

(2) After daydreaming for months, Mike and I planned a beach vacation! We keep talking about how we are dying to get to somewhere really warm and just sit on the beach and relax for a week.  Seriously, it’s been months of planning and then all of a sudden the trip fell into place within a couple of hours. We will be heading to the Bahamas for a week and let’s just say, I’m counting down the days!!

(3) Oh, tonight I’m moderating a conversation with Jenna and Barbara Bush! Their new children’s book The Superpower Sisterhood came out yesterday so we’ll be talking about all things sisterhood. I cannot wait!! If you’re reading this on Wednesday and you’re close to Red Bank, NJ, there are still tickets available.

(4) I think we officially have a childcare situation set up… I don’t want to jinx anything and I’ll share more details after I know it’s definitely going to work out. But, man, just knowing something is on the horizon has alleviated a lot of my stress. I LOVE being a mom and I also love my job… and I’m just really grateful for all these amazing opportunities. But as Jack becomes more mobile, I know I can’t do both. I’m also exhausted because I’m working late every night and still dropping a ton of balls and messing things up left and right because my attention is split (and I’m tired). My hope is that by having some part-time childcare where I can give my focus entirely to work during that time, I’ll be able to be 100% present the rest of the time. Ugh. I wish I could just clone myself. I also genuinely believe this is a good thing for Jack, too!

(5) I need to switch my closet over to warm weather clothes. (A little bit of a trigger warning for a body image.) I am absolutely dreading doing the closet switchover. I just feel so out of whack still body-wise. I’m ten pounds heavier, softer, and my chest is a whole thing. Part of me just wants to donate everything I have in my basement storage and just rebuild. The thought of putting anything on and being disappointed in how it fits is enough to keep me avoiding it for a while longer. 😫

(6) Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult? I have actually been pretty lucky about finding friends as an adult– especially in our neighborhood! But it doesn’t make the actual process of “putting yourself out there” any easier! I’ve been taking Jack to a few different activities and it’s been a nice way to meet other parents in the area… and I definitely feel like friendships could bud from there, but it’s also intimidating. You know?!

(7) It’s so fun/funny to watch the dogs and Jack interact. It’s kind of crazy all of the time with two hyper dogs and an increasingly mobile baby, but it’s also the best. Jack is obsessed with the dogs. Like, I’m not just saying that. He is obsessed. I have to shut the door when I’m nursing him because if he hears them at all, he pops off of me and is like, “Hey dogs! Let’s play!” It’s built in entertainment too. I can put Jack on the floor and he’ll watch Teddy and Ham. Jack thinks Teddy in particular is hilarious and at least once a day he belly laughs so hard at something Teddy does. I’m obsessed that he’s obsessed!

(8) I’m practically begging Hill House to come out with the Lily dress in more fabrics/colors/patterns… It’s one of the best dresses I’ve purchased in a while and I can’t stop wearing it. I just dropped it off at the cleaners to get pressed… I plan on wearing it again for the book talk tonight!

(9) Our house is in need of a deep organization. I thought I did a pretty good job organizing before Jack was born, but between having a baby and the nature of my job, it’s like things multiply overnight. It’s out of control and I just don’t even know what to do…. I almost think I need to hire a professional to come in and help me do a full overhaul. My first step so far has been to make a note in my phone with every room and then breaking down the rooms by “projects” that need addressing. That’s a start at least, right?

(10) My hair has grown out so much! I got a pretty “significant” (for me at least) cut in December, but my hair has grown out quite a bit since then. I need a hair cut just to add more shape again. I am debating… do I let it grow long for the summer months (braids, buns, ponies) or do I do something a little more stylish and go for a bigger chop. I hem and haw over this all the time and I’m sure I’ll end up with a cut that looks…. exactly the same 😆

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I love these posts! Easter with little ones is a different kind of magic. I do the same with my hair but summer in Florida means hair braids, up, hats.

Fingers crossed for your child care situation!


So glad you’ve secured childcare! I have a little Jack too (11 months) and getting him in daycare was the best decision I made, particularly as I regularly work from home. Hope your plans work out well (and know that it is a transition so give yourself some grace and patience with the groove).


I totally hear you with the warm weather wardrobe switch. Would love to see a post about what you and Mike put together for hosting Easter at your house!


Your approach to tackling organizing by room and then into smaller projects is a method I’ve used and it’s a great start! I am a person who wants instant gratification when it comes to my house so it’s hard for me to have patience with myself.


I had my third baby the same week you had Jack. I am also still up about ten lbs, if that helps at all! I am quite active at this point and feel like everything that is going to tighten has tightened…i have heard our body can hang on to the last 5-10 lbs while breastfeeding and I think that’s what is happening in my case! I’m not willing to do anymore to lose weight at this point because I don’t want to compromise my milk supply, so I am just going to keep chugging along with healthy eating and exercise and enjoy being able to feed my baby (what a gift I don’t take for granted). I will need some new summer outfits (shorts don’t fit atm) and I’m ok with that. As robin arzon says-I don’t need to snap back; I’m moving forward as a new person. Eventually when I’m done BFing I do want to try to lose the last few but it’s not a make or break to my identity if I don’t. I know it’s a tender area so I’m not saying you need to publicly share any more about your postpartum body image or having to buy some new clothes but if you did choose to, I’m sure many could relate! ❤️


Yes, many of your readers are sure to relate to postpartum summer bodies! As a mom of three, I would suggest buying some fun new pieces and keep the bin tucked away for now. Those clothes might fit next summer, our bodies are constantly changing!!


I recently got pregnant, and between being pregnant and recovering from an ED, I literally did exactly what you said and packed up every piece of clothing I own basically and gave it away. I didn’t even bother trying to resell it. I just needed it so that I didn’t inevitably try on things just to body shame myself. HIGHLY recommend!