2018 Goals

In past years I have made resolutions and failed miserably. For me, the problem was not making goals that I was actually passionate about or wanted to change. The number one thing I’ve learned about success and staying motivated is that you have to have the desire. So… I started changing my resolutions to things that I really wanted to accomplish.

I’ve got to admit, I think I nailed my goals from last year, and that’s even more motivating for me to make 2018 goals. The things I did in 2017 are still top of mind for me so I’ll continue to work on those, too.

To recap quickly:

– Be more forgiving… This is going to be something I constantly work on, but I did a pretty good job of it. I did notice that there is a difference between being forgiving and bringing up, and dealing with significant issues. Probably my biggest takeaway! I kept reminding myself that saying you’re going to pick your battles all the time means you might end up losing the war.

– Maintain fitness? YEP.

– I will always continue to try reading more. I read some amazing books over the course of the year. (10,000 pages and 31 books!) My favorites: When God Winks at You, The Circle, Hidden Figures, Hillbilly Elegy, Presence, Along the Infinite Sea, The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living, and Everything I Never Told You.

– I slept more last year than I think I have in any year since middle school. It makes a huge difference. Having more energy for fewer hours is more productive for me than having less energy for more. Maybe it comes out in the wash, but I know I feel better. I still have guilt now and then, but I have to remind myself that getting enough sleep is not the same as being lazy.

– Remembering names is something I’m still working on. I’d say there’s been no change on this front… but I’m trying!

– I averaged about 7.4 posts/week last year, so I did the eight posts a little less than half the time. I’m okay with that, though, because quality > quantity.

– Elevate photography was an EASY one for me since I hired Carter. It makes my life so, so much easier.

– Saying yes to more events & going to more meetings was something I was hit or miss on. Because of all the travel I did, I would say that the events were more difficult because I just simply wasn’t in town for a lot of them. And once I got my new manager, meetings weren’t super necessary anymore. BUT, I did go to a couple of great events and even set up meetings with brands while I was traveling so I’d still chalk it up as a win.

– While I wouldn’t say I “figured out” Youtube, I did make a lot more videos and crossed the 15k subscriber mark which was my goal for the year! The travel vlog from Georgetown, making cake pops with Meesh, and the dance class I took with the Rockettes were my favorite videos.

(Whoops, that recap was longer than I expected…. probably should have made it its own post!)

2018 Goals

You know the times for Carly have changed when I’m making “fitness” a separate category!
More weights // For the first half of 2017, I was just trying to get the hang of things and get into the habit of working out consistently. When I got back from two weeks on Nantucket in July though, I noticed that I was probably a little too complacent, so I kicked it up a notch mentally. My motto became, “If I’m going to show up, I’m going to show up.” Meaning, if I’m at the gym, I’m not going to half-ass it. Might as well make the most of my hour there and I did! Even within a month after that, I noticed a dramatic difference in my strength and development. I want to continue that trend of pushing myself (while still being safe) so I don’t get complacent.
Running // This is for sure going to be the hardest thing I commit to this year, but I want to get into the habit of running. One of the things I need to do is to add a fourth, and fifth, workout into my week and running is going to be how I do it. I normally avoid running like the plague because I’m terrible at it. Instead of feeling like I need to be a marathoner or elite sprinter, I’m just going to run. At least for the first quarter of the year, I’m just going to be getting miles under my belt, and then I’ll revisit with some actual goals.

Dance class // For fun, I’d like to find a dance class!

Writing // My big personal goal of the year is to write more. I write a lot on the blog, obviously, and for years I’ve considered that enough. I got the itch last year to do a little more writing. I started journaling (nothing like getting a head start on your resolutions!), and so far, I’ve liked it. Longer post to follow about how I’m going about it. The biggest draw for me is to have a personal recollection of my memories and thoughts. And, at some point in the year, I’d like to start writing a book. To keep the pressure off of me, I’m not going to say it’s something I for sure want to publish… but we’ll see. (Actually scares me a little bit ha!)
Record more videos // I hinted at this yesterday. I want to record more videos for personal use. Not some creative Youtube project, but just for myself/friends/family. I’m not even going to try to do it with anything other than my iPhone. I love rewatching videos and recording phone moments of time, and there’s gotta be a way to be able to do it without feeling invasive or like you’re missing out on living. Video is the most important for me right now, but I’m also looping in casual photos– that I will print!!!!!
Stop saying “I think” // Hello, this is going to be a massive challenge for me. I want to take the “I thinks” out of my vocabulary. I preface so much of what I say with “I think” and, while sometimes it just genuinely works, a lot of times it’s just a crutch and even weakens the point I’m trying to make. Removing (or adding) an “I think” can change the whole sentence. I’ve been trying to stop typing it into my posts, and it’s still sneaking in there now and then.
Youtube // I’m keeping Youtube on my list again this year. I don’t feel super great about the videos. Not that they’re bad, but I feel like there’s gotta be a better a way to utilize the platform without having to make slime or use clickbait titles. One idea was to do it more podcast or advice style…. still workshopping it and open to your suggestions!
Honest writing // This is something I’ve always strived for and something I just want to keep at the forefront of everything I do really. As social media gets more Facetuned and Photoshopped, I want to make sure I stay as honest and “real” as I can.

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I loved reading your recap of 2017 and goals for 2018. I’m looking forward to seeing you continue to grow your blog (I’m really excited about more YouTube videos), and follow your journey towards accomplishing your personal goals.



Happy 2018! Sounds like your year has gotten off to a great start. I’m loving your goals for the year. For me, setting my goals around who I want to be by the end of the year helps me to stick to it. I’m year to finalise my goals for the year as I seem to have too many things i’d like to achieve.

xo Stephanie


Love the goal to keep more personal videos, I want to do more, too!

About halfway through 2017 I started using an app called 1 Second Everyday which helps you make a timeline of your year (or any other daily journey you may have) by taking a 1-second video every day. It doesn’t seem like 1 second is long enough at first, but it’s a nice way to capture everyday life and little wins throughout the year. It’s $5, but totally worth it!


Hi Carly. For help with the issue about being “good” at running, why not treat running as a secondary activity? By that I mean, you could run for as long as it takes to finish X number of chapters in an audiobook, or you could do what Fiona Shaw (aka Petunia Dursley in Harry Potter) does and use your running time to memorize poetry or something that is important to you. Just a thought. These look like great resolutions.


Such a great idea; I don’t know how I haven’t thought to do that yet! I’m also someone who doesn’t think they’re “good” at running, so I’ll definitely be trying this tip out next time I head out (with Harry Potter on Audible of course)!


Hey Carly! You want to stop the unnecessary “I think”s…I want to stop the unnecessary “I’m sorry”s! I find, especially as women, we are more likely to apologize for something that requires NO apology! This is one more step in being more strong and confident in our words and actions <3


Love the “stop saying ‘I think'” goal! I’m in law school, and they drill it into us to stop using “I think” because it makes the sentence/argument/idea weaker and less persuasive. I’ve also been working on getting rid of “I just…” from my vocabulary. I used to start a lot of my emails with “I just wanted to ask XYZ,” but I read that’s something that women do much more than men in the workplace and it also makes the sentence/email weaker. Good luck on all your goals this year!!

XO Malinda,


We talked about it in business school too! It’s definitely something women do more than men and totally softens arguments. I’m forever reminding myself to speak with confidence and decisiveness.


Thank you for sharing your goals! I love reading about your progress. My advice on running: Run slowly. Slower than you think you need to. Try interval training to make it more interesting. Try running to explore a new neighborhood. And, if you really don’t like running, that’s okay — try a different cardio exercise. Good luck and happy 2018!!


Happy New Year From India Carly! 🙂

It’s been a while since I have commented on blog posts, but it is one of my goals to network more with other bloggers that i can relate to and I can absolutely relate to the last one about being more real. I feel like there is so much editing and revisions happening that there is hardly any soul in their blog. But that is definitely not the case with you 🙂


These are such amazing goals! They make me want to re-think some of my goals. I love that you make writing such a large focus of your life. I am really into writing as well, and it is actually also a lifelong goal of mine to write a book! So fun to see someone else with similar interests.

Here’s to a great 2018!



I used to run half marathons but after a knee injury I can hardly run two miles in 20 minutes. I didn’t run for months because I was so angry and embarrassed by no longer feeling athletic or not being “good” at running.

Nike Run Club has 110% turned me around. I HIGHLY recommend downloading the app and doing the first few coached runs. It has really really helped me get over the idea of being good or bad at running. When you’re getting into the habit, every run makes your legs, heart, and abs stronger. There is no bad run!


Happy New Year Carly! The way you stuck with your goals last year is so motivational! I’m trying out a few big goals this year – improving my posture, prioritizing one or two tasks a week instead of feeling deflated when I don’t finish an impossibly long to do list, and cutting back on sugar – and some smaller ones like minor redecorating and calling friends more often. Here’s to 2018!


I love running!! You should try to meet a friend for a run (if any of your friends are runners), it’s a great way to catch up and get a workout in. Talking with my teammates in college during a run made long runs go by sooo much faster because we would gossip the entire time! Also just remember you usually feel like crap the first mile but after that your breathing gets easier! I love running when the weather is nice, I personally hate gyms and love being out in the fresh air instead 🙂


I unfortunately can’t (aka won’t) run outside until it’s above 40 degrees again. I did a 5k in December and my lungs were ON FIRE from the cold… worst feeling ever.


Love these goals, Carly! I’m still working on setting mine for the year and will take a page or two out of your book. I like that they are all positive and actionable. I hope you have a great New Year!


Have you tried the one second a day video app? Great/ easy way to capture quick snippets of your day and build memories.


Happy New Year! I’ve always loved following along your journey! You have such great goals. This weekend I want to take some time to write down my goals as well. Also always love your book recommendations and follow you on Goodreads! Can’t wait to read a few of the favorites you listed here.

Melissa M

Carly, I’ve always admired your YouTube, blog and social media posts because I can READ them in your voice, and know they’re genuine. Please, please, please write a book!!! You are so inspiring and I look forward to seeing how you accomplish your goals!

Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off

Love these goals, especially the record more videos one! I love looking back at old saved Snapchat videos or just random videos on my phone, and I’d love to hear how you’re going to do this! Happy New Year!

Southern & Style

I’m the worst at remembering names too! When I was in college, I was an ambassador for our university & the lady that was over our program was a senator’s wife who I became close friends with. She gave me a great tip in regards to that problem that I still use to this day. Basically, if there is someone that you’re talking to and you can’t remember their name, just introduce them to someone you do know. Then you can tell them the person’s name that you do remember & hopefully the other person who you don’t remember will introduce themselves! It’s worked many, many times for me and can be a lifesaver 🙂

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


Please please please keep up with the honest writing. You are one of the only blogs I still consistently read BECAUSE of your honest writing! 🙂 Happy 2018!


Hi Carly! Any tips to get started in the gym? My university has an amazing open gym, but all the equipment and options overwhelm me. I have no idea where to start!


Great recap and new goals for 2018! I’m glad you kept it short, seems much more manageable than having too many. Also sleep is a life priority of mine – never feel guilty about it, I’m pretty sure it’s the key to living longer!