So I feel like I’m officially in my mid-twenties. I was having this casual-turned-intense conversation with someone last week and it really got me thinking. But even then, I was kind of like “meh.” Until I realized my half-birthday was right around the corner. Then I panicked. Naturally.
I’m an old soul. Or at the very least, an old lady trapped in a 20something body. Between the grey hair, the knitting, and my desire to get a cat… I really confuse myself for an old person.
And then there’s this issue where I’m just ready to not be 23. In fact, I’d rather just fast forward my way to my thirties. Because when I’m 35, everything will be perfect… right?
So as I’m rattling off everything I want to do and be and accomplish… he made me stop. He told me that I was going to wake up one morning and that I would be 37. Well, 23 and a half apparently was close enough for the wake up call.
I really do want to accomplish a lot. But I have time. I think I had it in my mind that I have to get it all done in the next 12 years. I feel like if I sit on a couch and watch one episode of television without doing something that it’s one hour wasted. If I’m five minutes behind schedule in the morning, I think it’s five minutes wasted. It’s even so bad that if I’m not “killing two birds with one stone” that I’m not being efficient enough. How ridiculous is that?

Maybe I’m actually wasting time by thinking too much about wasting time. Sounds like a super simple concept, but it really did take my friend telling me to the pump the brakes to get it through my head. I don’t even think half-birthdays are a big deal, but here I am really actually wishing to just slow down time. And, yea… if I’m having fun and enjoying myself it’s really not a “waste” after all.
Ten Things I Enjoy Doing JUST For Fun

Four hour brunches
Dance Moms marathons
Taking baths until the water is cold
Getting lost in new neighborhoods
Refusing to get out of bed on Sunday mornings
Trashy magazines
Painting my nails
Trying on every perfume at Sephora until I get a headache
Driving just to drive
I tried making a longer list, but that’s as much as I could get. Okay, so I’m not the most fun person in the world, but it’s a start. And this is supposed to be about doing things I actually enjoy and these are things I enjoy.
Do you ever feel like you’re speeding through life and need to just stop and breathe?

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Jessica Randall

I feel like that too! My adviser at school asked me "what was the last thing you did that made you happy?" and I was sick but I think I said watching the first episode of Downton Abbey. I went home after, had Nyquil, and watched the rest of the season. It didn't cure me but it was just what I needed.
I do love logic puzzles! 🙂 especially the ones with 5 given conditions and you have to figure out who lives next to who or who has what color sweater with what pet etc..

Ashley Rizzardo

I too enjoy trying on every perfume at Sephora. Sometimes I do feel like I need to just stop everything. There comes a time when I am so busy and it seems like everything is happening at once. I cherish those moments when I have the opportunity to change things up.

A Preppy State of Mind

I do feel like this all the time, earlier today to be exact! It did me a lot of good to read this 🙂 I've recently changed my major, and I feel like it is such a set back, but not really! It took some wise words form a friend the other day telling me that I am so young and have so much time to become what I want to become. Great post! I also thoroughly enjoy numbers 2 and 3 on your "Just For Fun" list!


CT Cupcake

As someone who wonders where my mid to late 20's went, take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy your 20s. NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world, enjoy this time in your life where you don't have the super huge responsibilities(mortgage, saving for retirement, kids, aging parents, etc.). I wish I enjoyed more of my 20s, instead I spent most of them at work, which isn't fun at all.

Josephine Hoang

Haha I agree about being an old soul and always feeling rushed. Is it natural to feel like I should have all my things and future plans ready before I turn 21?

I feel the same about the "just for fun" list! Although this week has been so off for me! I've been totally behind schedule the entire week and rushing everywhere. It's weird, because I'm usually try to be punctual and even always early to things. Maybe it's just an off week for me.

Brunches and a Dance Moms marathon sounds fantastic for this weekend just to relax..
What a week! Loved this post. Keep up the great job!



You can reverse your numbers listed and add a half to get my age. I would give anything to be 23.5 again and you know one of the things I would do? CHILL OUT, give up half of what I was doing and just enjoy. Time is on your side and you have already accomplished SO much. xo


Love this post Carly, I often think the same thing! That I have so much I need to be doing to get where I want to be, but in fact every single thing I do each day is what's getting me there. I think I might need to come up with my own list of things I do for pure pleasure & fun! And happy half birthday 🙂


I am 23 also, working by day, and taking night classes for my Masters in the evening. I can totally relate- sometimes I just want to fast forward to when I finally have things figured out. But being surrounded by people much older at work and at school is a warm reminder that I have plenty of time, and that even older people don't have it figured out. 4 hour brunches and nail painting are the bomb! 🙂

Southern Charm

I know how you feel! I'm half way through being 21, which I think can be one of the funnest ages. There are days when I have to remind myself this is the time in my life to have as much fun as possible & to really live it up, soak in the sun. Working hard is great, as long as you play hard!


I know these feelings all too well. In all honestly, I feel stuck between wanting to grow up and experience stability and the desire to remain young forever. Personally, the latter affects me more – I stress over how quickly time passes (HOW is it MARCH already?!?) and worry that I'm running out of time to actually "live" life to the fullest and live out my dreams.

-Irina @ Chocolatea Time


I think I have almost the reverse problem. I feel so stressed out about being 21 and keep wishing I was 19 again, not because I want to take my life less seriously but to have more time to accomplish everything. It's hard to balance work and fun. I want to achieve all of my dreams yet I don't want to go through life prohibiting myself from engaging in the activities I truly enjoy. I think you're in a good place though, way ahead of any of the 23 year olds I know!


I'm like you! I prefer staying in and cleaning or making to-do lists for the next day rather than going out. I'm only 22 (so weird to say) but I feel like I'm 25. I hate when people ask me at work, they always assume I'm older. Maybe I'll just lie and say I'm 25 from now on.

carelessly graceful

Madame Preppy

I think it's not bad speeding through life, it's more like appreciate everything you do, even it's happening very fast.
I try do to something I can appreciate later everyday. It doesn't matter what I do, but simply have a "proud" feeling afterwards. A feeling which is like "Hey, today you did something you can remember" 🙂

Alyssa Freitas

This is basically how I feel everyday of my life! My new mantra is "keep it simple" to try and help me to remember that I should focus on the little things and avoid over-complicating and over-burdening my mind. It is great to be accomplished and productive but it is better to have less stress and enjoy life more!

Holy Chic.

You have an amazing ability to list things that make you happy – as I was reading this I kept exclaiming "OMG me too!" but driving just to drive and getting lost in new neighborhoods is my new Sunday routine….and the four hour brunches every once in a while!


I think the way our culture defines life and success in life is basically just success in work and I think that's so narrow minded! I love that you are allowing yourself to just relax and breathe and slow down.

Kelli Roscoe

I can totally relate! Just this morning (Sunday) I was getting up to an alarm so that I could get into my local coffee place to start working on hw for the week. It struck me that we're always running to the next deadline and I feel guilty taking out little bits of time to be lazy and relax.