3 Dresses, 3 Ways

Dresses are a girl’s best friend.  It’s tempting to blow all your money on one dress for one night.  I find myself buying dresses for specific occasions and not knowing where else to wear them… and it’s annoying when you spend a lot of money on something that you only wear a handful of times.
Enter a key concept for shopping: Cost Per Use.
$100 dress worn once… Cost Per Use = $100
$100 dress worn twenty times… Cost Per Use = $5
I want to get as much bang for my buck as possible.  I want that Cost Per Use to be super super tiny!  In the pennies as much as possible!
When shopping on a budget, there are many factors to be considered, but two main ones in particular.
One: Where to shop.  Places like Target and Old Navy have great prices and some cute styles every season, but not enough to sustain a wardrobe.
Boutiques all over (including online) are more and more gearing towards shoppers on a budget.  These three sites keep their prices LOW and styles HIGH!

Two: Buying things that can be worn a LOT.
I found a cute dress from each of the boutiques I listed above and styled them for three different events.  Lunch with friends, running errands, and date night.
Bollywood Dress from Vestique
Ocean Blues Tunic from Francesca’s Collection
Tain Conductor Dress from Peacock Plume
(check out those prices!!!)
Here are the three stylings:
Do you have any other places where you pick up great styles at great prices?

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Morgan Alyse

I am very into consignment stores. There's one in Raleigh that I go to a lot and can pick up a Lilly dress for $40. If I'm going to the mall or somewhere to buy new clothing, I always look at NY&Co, Ann Taylor Loft, and *sometimes* Charlotte Russe (I think the quality is not always that great).

Cute blog. I just started blogging so I am trying to get the hang of it. Feel free to check mine out when you have a minute!

Have a good day!


I definitely agree with applying the cost per use factor; makes you realize what's really a steal and what's really a splurge. That Francesca's dress is really cute, too!