3 Ways to Actually Make your Idea Come to Life

I will say that I love all of Maxie’s posts, but I especially love this one! I’ve been toying with some things and going back and forth with a few others. And still, I have yet to make the first moves. Totally taking Maxie’s suggestions here to get the ball rolling!

How to turn your ideas into reality

3 Ways to Actually Make your Idea Come to Life

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Have you ever had an idea for something that you just can’t wait to make happen? But then, just as quickly as it came, the idea has fluttered off into never, never land. Regardless of how big or small the idea was, the reason you never made it a reality is because something squashed your fire for getting into action.

What squashed it you might ask? You did. Because you let too much time pass. Because you listened to the thoughts in your head that said you’re crazy for thinking this is a good idea. Because you scrolled through all the big-timers that you follow on Instagram and came to the conclusion that they’re the type of people that bring ideas to life… not you.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wildly wrong… YOU, yes you, have absolutely everything you need to make something come to life. You just have to decide that you’re on your own team. This applies to all ideas. Like maybe that book you want to write. The greeting card line you want to create. The solo trip you want to take. The person you want to ask out. The angle you want to take on your class project. The haircut that’s super different. The coffee shop you want to open. All idea… big, small, tiny, or audacious, they need one main ingredient to happen: you.

So, to actually turn these ideas into a reality, consider these:

Do Something You Cannot Undo
It doesn’t have to be crazy or risky; it just has to get you out there in the arena. Remember that exercise in middle school where a teacher or parent squeezed out the toothpaste to show you how easy it comes out and how hard it is to put back in? That’s what you want to do with your idea. Buy a domain name. Call a meeting. Tell someone you wouldn’t want to let down. Do something that will get the cat (your idea) out of the bag.

Stay In Your Lane
If ever there’s a time to keep your head down, it’s when you’re trying to take an idea that’s close to your heart and bring it to life. Comparison can really kill your courage. What happens when you look at Facebook, or Instagram or the internets, is you see people that you’ve decided are much better primed for success with their ideas than you are. It’s not true, though. An idea came to you for a reason, and you’re being called to try it. If you’re focused on others, you won’t ever have enough energy for yourself to go and do this thing.

Make a Plan (and Use Dates)
Ideas can take up a lot of space in our heads. And when they stay there, as thoughts, they’re really easy to undo or forget about. What’s not so easy to ignore? Big poster boards with multi-colored notes about your plan to create this idea. It helps you visualize what is needed to bring it to life. When you make your “plan” ask yourself: What is needed? Who can help? What steps can be taken by when?

Remember, bringing ideas to life is fun. It’s not always about how successful you can be with it. Often, the beauty of creation is creating… seeing something that you thought about once be a real living thing in this world. Whether it’s an essay, a project, a business or a new skill… your ideas will help you grow and become great – so do them!

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This. Is. Everything. I’ve come to realize that it really only takes a small first step to start getting in the mindset that, “you can actually do this.” I took a leap of faith at the beginning of this month and bought a domain name for my blog. That small step of investment really sprung my motivation and made my dreams and curiosity finally into my own reality! Maxie is brilliant. Thank you Carly for sharing! 🙂 And happy Monday!

Ellis Strutton

Do you have any idea where that notepad is from? I’ve been looking for one like that for ages


Maybe my favorite Maxie post yet! The comparison one for me is always where I get hung up. Excited to put these steps in action for a new project idea. Thank you both!


LOVED the line “comparison can really kill your courage”. So true and yet so easy to overcome. Great post today.


Maxie has been killing it in the motivation department and this post is everything I needed to read and more! Comparison can hurt your soul if you allow it. But most important is YOU! Thank you for sharing!


The part about comparison is definitely one of the most important parts to actually making something happen yourself. I’ve definitely had to unfollow some people on IG when I’m in process and don’t want to be clouded by comparing myself to others!

Addie Thompson

Really loved reading this post- it was so inspiring! I definitely needed these tips for a big idea I’ve had recently. Comparing yourself to others is definitely the hardest part, and it’s only detrimental in the long run! Loved it!