5 Holiday Appetizers to Celebrate this Holiday Season

Because we have family coming over on Christmas, I’m sure my mom and I are going to be doing some last minute grocery store shopping to prep for company. Not only do Louisa’s appetizers seem like perfect options for the day, but I also had to laugh at the cheese board. There’s a 100% chance my mom is going to print it out and hunt and gather for everything on the list…. “Should we put some cheese out to snack on?” was asked about twenty times on Thanksgiving, ha!


5 Holiday Appetizers to Celebrate this Holiday Season

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I feel like I blinked and suddenly Christmas is here. I am so behind on my Christmas shopping, but I’ve got all my Christmas treats planned (I make cookies for my family every year), and appetizers as well. My friends and I don’t really do dinner parties yet, but we do love to have apps with some cocktails or wine, and these appetizers are also perfect for a classy New Year’s Eve dinner!

1. A cheeseboard

You guys, cheeseboards are game changers. They also happen to be the most Instagram-worthy thing on the planet. A cheeseboard is my favorite thing to put together for a holiday celebration! I finally put together a post on how to build the ultimate cheeseboard and I highly recommend you try your hand at it this year. Be sure to share it with Carly and me on Instagram (I’m @LivingLou).

2. Prosciutto wrapped asparagus on crackers

I love these little bites for a cocktail party, just wrap asparagus in prosciutto, roast in the oven and serve on top of crackers with goat cheese and pesto. It’s an elegant appetizer that is simple enough to pull together!

3. Fire roasted tomato goat cheese dip

Dips are more casual, but they are great for placing on tables throughout your space. This is a vegetarian-friendly dip that is served warm, perfect for cozy winter evenings!

4. Cheesy refried bean dip

This is definitely the most casual appetizer on this list, but it’s also a family favorite! We love this so much that I would serve this at Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

5. 5-ingredient stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms might be everyone’s favorite appetizer, and this recipe is made with literally five ingredients. If you’re not the most confident in the kitchen but still want to cook something to bring for friends, I highly recommend this recipe.

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