5 Super Easy Rotisserie Chicken Shortcuts

I am obsessed with these recipe ideas from Louisa today. I would never have guessed what to do with a rotisserie chicken, or how it’d come in handy. But I love these suggestions.

Shredded chicken taco recipe

5 Super Easy Rotisserie Chicken Shortcuts

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

Everyone needs shortcuts in the kitchen. Everyone. Even the cooks and chefs that I know have their own little shortcuts that they use. Over the years, my go-to shortcut is definitely picking up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. And you guys, if you are living in a dorm, you can definitely pick up a rotisserie chicken and keep it in the mini fridge! I know there will be times this year when your meal plan has run out (or is just about to), so bookmark these little tricks for then.

A rotisserie chicken is also the perfect, affordable item to pick up if you aren’t quite ready to try roasting your own chicken yet (but if you are, you can try my go-to roasted chicken recipe). Now, you can always eat as-is with a side salad (and you must make my tzatziki sauce, it will change your life) but every now and then, it’s nice to try something different. Don’t you think?

Here are five super easy rotisserie chicken shortcuts, just use shredded or cubed rotisserie chicken in all of these recipes and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal!

  1. 1. Make chicken tacos

Not really doable in a typical dorm room, unless you’re living in an apartment-style dorm, my shredded chicken tacos are one of my most popular recipes, just use store-bought rotisserie chicken and whip these up on the stovetop.

2. Make chicken salad sandwiches

Probably one of my go-to lunches, chicken sandwiches are so delicious and easy to make. I like to make healthier chicken salad using avocado, but I’m also not afraid to dump a bunch of caesar dressing on there for chicken caesar salad sandwiches.

3. Add it to soups

Whether you’re making a soup from scratch or heating up a can on the stovetop, adding in shredded chicken will bump up the protein, keeping you full longer. Something to keep in mind is that because the chicken is already cooked, be sure to add it right at the end.

4. Add it to pizza

When I’m working really long hours or was in the depths of exams in college, I lived off of frozen pizza. I was always trying to jazz up my pizzas and adding chicken and a touch of pesto was my go-to!

5. Toss it into your salad

Salads are such a quick grab-and-go lunch, especially now that you can buy delicious pre-made salads in a bag. In a pinch, grab a store-bought salad, dump it into a Tupperware and add some shredded chicken on top. Alternatively, if you’re like me, whip up a quick Greek salad, add some chicken and call it a day.

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