6 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

My mom typically does most of the cooking for Thanksgiving and my dad does the Turkey, but it’s become a tradition for me to whip up a side of Brussels sprouts. (My grandma even called me once to ask how I did them which is the highest compliment one could ever receive from her, trust me.) I think Louisa’s Brussels sprouts recipe might just be my pick for Thursday!


6 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is really all about the sides (ok, and the desserts)! In my very unofficial poll of my friends and coworkers, I found out that not very many people love turkey. It’s definitely not the most flavorful meat out there, but luckily at Thanksgiving, we have plenty of sides to choose from! I also find that if you’re going to be visiting your friends or family for Thanksgiving, more often than not you’ll be asked to bring a side dish. Have no fear; I’ve rounded up six of my favorite easy side dish recipes (and three of them have just five ingredients).
1. Thanksgiving chopped salad
This recipe was developed specifically for those times when someone says ‘Oh, just bring a salad!’ and you’re left thinking that you don’t want to bring just any salad. This recipe has pomegranate, green apples, and Brussels sprouts with a maple-shallot vinaigrette. This is not just any salad and will without a doubt be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner.
2. Roasted delicata squash with thyme
If you’re going to bring squash as a side dish to Thanksgiving, delicata squash is the best option. Not only is it beautiful, but you don’t have to peel it — just slice and roast and it’s ready to go! The best part? This recipe has only five ingredients.
3. Maple sage roasted brussels sprouts
Thanksgiving isn’t complete without Brussels sprouts. This is another recipe with just five ingredients and flavored with maple syrup (hey, I’m Canadian!) and sage. This recipe can also be doubled or even tripled if you have a big family.
4. Green beans in vinaigrette
If you’re strapped for time in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, my recipe for green beans in vinaigrette can be made ahead of time and assembled just before dinner. The only cooking involved in this recipe is to steam the green beans; they are then cooled and tossed with a delicious dressing. This dish is more of a salad than anything and is a favorite of my family!
5. Roasted root vegetables
If you aren’t really sure what dish you should bring, you can’t go wrong with a big bowl of roasted root veggies! This recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving because it uses fresh sage which is a herb you’ll find in stuffing.
6. Sourdough stuffing
Is stuffing considered a side dish? I’m not really sure where we stand on that, but if you’re tasked with bringing the stuffing, don’t be nervous! This recipe is a little more complex than the other recipes on this list, but I take my stuffing very seriously. Made with sourdough bread, green apples, mushrooms, and sausage this is without a doubt the perfect Thanksgiving stuffing recipe.
What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Do you think stuffing is considered a side?

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

The brussels sprouts sound so good! I’ll be spending Thanksgiving at my friend’s house with her family and also three of our other friends. We did the same thing last year and her parents spoiled us rotten! They prepped all the food while we had fun wandering around NYC <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


This is the first Thanksgiving where I am actually in charge of bringing something, so this came at just the perfect time! I might have to steal that brussels sprouts recipe since I have to bring a veggie dish. The sourdough stuffing sounds great too! I’ve never thought of using sourdough! Great idea! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving 🙂

xo, Taylor