6 Recipes I Make All the Time

I love hearing what people’s favorite recipes are. Especially since I know they’re definitely tried and true at that point. I’ve also been slacking a bit on my cooking goal (more on that tomorrow, whoops!), so I’m going to have to file away Louisa’s favorites!!

6 Recipes I Make All the Time

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I’ve been food blogging for nearly nine years, which means that I have cooked and developed about 600 recipes. I know that’s an insane amount of recipes. I’ve found that one of the most common questions people ask me when they find out I’m a food blogger is “What’s your favorite recipe?” quickly followed by “What’s your favorite restaurant?” (p.s. If you need any restaurant recommendations for Toronto, be sure to follow me on Instagram).

So, back to that ‘favorite recipe’ question? Here are six that I make all the time:

1. Greek-marinated chicken

This recipe is for souvlaki, but I use this marinade whenever I’m grilling or roasting chicken. It’s also delicious on pork.

2. Crepes with raspberry sauce

I love making crepes, there’s something so simple, yet elegant about them. Most of the time that I make crepes, I just eat them with lemon juice and sugar, though this raspberry sauce is delicious.

3. Turkey sausage breakfast hash

This has quickly moved up the list of favorite brunch dishes, all you need to add is a fried egg on top!

4. Vegetarian curry

This is definitely one of the best “meal prep” dishes to have for dinner throughout the week. I try and cook vegetarian more often and this is one of my go-to dishes.

5. Cheesy garlic bread

I guarantee you this cheesy garlic bread will be a crowd pleaser and it is literally so simple to make. Whenever I’m attending a games’ night or potluck, this is what I make.

6. Oven fries

I know, this seems so simple, but I really don’t think there is much better than really good and fluffy oven fries. Plus I make these as a side dish at least once per week.


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Thank you so, so much for sharing that Greek chicken recipe – I’ve been looking for the perfect homemade chicken soulvaki recipe for a while now. So this is great! I’m definitely going to make a Greek salad with chicken for dinner tonight now.

Felicity |


I’ve been obsessed with egg sandwiches for the last few years. Fried, scrambled, open faced, with toppings, plain. All of them. I have them at least three times a week and for every meal!

Can’t wait to try the turkey sausage hash this upcoming weekend for bunch at my place!


The cheesy garlic bread is delicious! And it is so simple! The Greek-marinated chicken sounds great. I’ll definitely give that a try.