7 Essential Super Bowl Party Snacks

This may, hands down, be my favorite recipe round up from Louisa. My mouth was watering as I read each of them. I don’t think I can pick a favorite; and while I wasn’t planning on going to a Super Bowl party, now I think I must if only to whip up (and eat, duh) one of these incredible recipes.

7 Essential Super Bowl Party Snacks Everyone Should Have

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

The Super Bowl is approaching quickly. And while I’m not into football, I’ve found that this year a lot of my friends are excited about it, which is surprising because most of my friends tend to be more on the artsy than the sporty side of the spectrum. But either way, if there’s going to be a Super Bowl party, you can bet I’ll be there (for the food and halftime show, of course).

I think there are some essential Super Bowl foods, which I thinkt is part of the fun! So whether you’ll be watching on campus, at your place, the apartment of a friend or home with your family, I think you should make sure these foods are on the table. And if you aren’t able to cook, I think you should order a couple of pounds of Buffalo wings, just because.

1. Buffalo chicken wings (with just five ingredients)!

Even as someone who doesn’t watch football, I know that Buffalo wings are the ultimate game day snack. My recipe is made in the oven with just five ingredients, and you end up with the most perfectly crisp wings ever.

2. Cheesy garlic bread

Oh my god, you guys. This recipe. It is so old (from 2010!) but so incredibly delicious. I make this cheesy garlic bread all the time, it’s not healthy (I’m talking butter, mayonnaise, and cheese in here) but it is basically everything you’d want in garlic bread.

3. Cheesy bean dip

This cheesy bean dip is basically the flavors of a 7-layer dip in one warm, gooey plate! It’s actually really beautiful (the green onions and tomatoes on top definitely help), and this will be my first year making it for the Super Bowl, and I can’t wait!

4. Cheesy broccoli dip

This broccoli dip is on the lighter side, which is perfect if you want to make something that is healthier but not lacking in indulgent, gooey factor. This dip is loaded with veggies, which make it perfect for those of us trying to be healthier at this time of year!

5. Chili con Carne (or vegetarian chili)

I’ll be honest with you, I never really understood the idea of eating chili during a football game, but apparently, this is a thing? If you’re into that, my Chili Con Carne cannot be beaten! I also shared a vegetarian-friendly version (and vegan if you skip the toppings) because I’m finding I have more veggie friends than ever these days.

6. Baked Buffalo Chicken legs

This is one of my most popular recipes ever. If the stores have run out of chicken wings (which has definitely happened close to the Super Bowl), these chicken legs are the next best thing.

7. Slow cooker pulled pork

Because sometimes, you just need to let your slow cooker do all the work.

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