7 Secrets of Confident People

I love when I meet someone and she’s so confidently herself. There’s something powerful and almost entrancing about being in the presence of someone like that. I also can’t help but wonder, how does she do it?! Maxie is one of those uber confident people whom I LOVE spending time with. (I always hope some of her pixie dust will rub off on me!)
Love her tips for being the most confident:
7 Secrets of Confident People
Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Sometimes the people you look up to always seem so confident, don’t they? They’re always on top of their stuff. They post amazing pictures of their life and accomplishments. They ooze confidence, those people we admire.
When you notice how confident they seem in their successful positions, do you ever start to judge your own down days? Maybe you got rejected and can’t get out of your funk (ugh, college admissions anyone?). Or maybe you just don’t feel good enough to be as confident as some of the people you look up to.
Well, as someone who knows a lot of confident people. And as someone who is genuinely confident after years of not feeling that way (been there!), I’ve learned a few things about what it means to be confident and how that perception gets created to begin with. Because here’s the thing, even confident people aren’t confident all of the time. Just like all those people on Instagram’s lives aren’t perfect all of the time.
Here’s a few must know secrets of confident people:
They have down days
Don’t glorify the lives of confident people. They get just as worried, unsure and bummed out as anyone else. The difference is, they don’t stay there for long. Confidence is high sometimes. Low other times. But confident people don’t let their bad days dictate their decisions. 

Faking It IS Making It (Sometimes)
When confident people aren’t feeling so hot, they fake it. They go on stage anyways. They throw their hat into the ring. They power pose until they feel better. They act like they are totally feeling 100% until their body and mind catches up with them.
They Take Up Space
Confident people expand. They take up a lot of space with their body, their voices, and their presence. They have an energy that fills the room. Stand tall. Don’t slump. Don’t look down at your phone all the time. Eyes up. Chest out. The more space you take up the more confident you seem.

They Speak About Things They Know a Lot About
If you think confident people are just the smartest and most knowing which is why they get to be so confident about themselves. You’re totally wrong. Confident people simply know a lot about a few key issues close to their heart. And they’re vocal about those things. 
They’re Not Afraid to Slow Down
Slowing down, both in life and in speech is life-changing. I’m a fast talker, but slowing down my speech has a way of commanding a room. So too does slowing down your schedule. Confident people know that being frenetic, manic, all over the place, and crazed does the opposite for their confidence. Just like speedy talking has a negative impact on an influential speech. Confident people slow it down in every area of their lives.
They Rarely “Wing It”
If you’re watching a really phenomenal athlete – they’ve practiced hundreds of thousands of hours their entire life to be that good. When you watch those amazing ted talks – they’ve rehearsed and rehearsed some more. From webinars to presentations, most confident people have practices being, feeling, and acting confident. Confident people are rarely winging it on the spot when it comes to important things. 
They Self (Pep)Talk
When the mind starts freaking them out, ramping up fear and ramping down confidence, confident people can catch it and control it. They use mantras that calm them down or breathe life back into them. These are a few of my favorites that I use on the reg. Remember your thoughts create your reality, so if you’re thinking confidently you’ll be more confident. 
Every single one of us can channel our inner confidence and constantly work to improve it. These few tips are a good place to start. 

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Jordan A

I loved this post! Even as a fairly confident person, I still find myself shrinking up, I really need to remember to fill the room more often!

Jordan @


Such a great post! Another confidence tip I've learned is that confident people don't necessarily have the better job or better car or better style; they're just more satisfied and thankful for what they have. And that gratitude allows for less room to question and loose confidence in yourself. Thanks for another great guest post from Maxie!



ooooo I LOVE that point on gratitude. You're so right and I don't think I've ever put that together 🙂 Thanks for sharing Lauren!