7 Treats to Make this Holiday Season

My mouth was watering as I read the draft of Louisa’s post for today. And it was perfect timing. I’m starting to put together a list of all the people I want to give little holiday “thank you” notes to (the dogs’ vet, their doggy daycare, our apartment concierge, gym instructor, etc.) and wanted to do something homemade in addition to the typical tip. Now the only problem is that I can’t pick a favorite among these recipes.


7 treats to make this holiday season

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I cannot believe how quickly the holidays are coming! I went to the first of many holiday parties this weekend and it reminded me how much I love December. It’s such a busy time of year for everyone, whether you’re studying for finals (good luck!) a blogger, or working full time — it’s crunch time. I love to bake treats for my family and friends — they’ve come to expect a plethora of holiday cookies coming out of my kitchen every year.

I went to a cookie swap this weekend which is the most amazing event ever. If you haven’t been to one, I highly recommend hosting one for your friends! Basically every guest brings a batch of cookies and you all exchange and trade so in the end, you have like seven different kinds of cookies. It’s unreal!

So whether you love cookies or other festive treats, I’ve rounded up seven of my favorites for this time of year.
1. Chewy ginger molasses cookies

You know those delicious ginger molasses cookies at Starbucks? Those were the inspiration behind this recipe, and you guys? I totally nailed it. These are chewy and sweet with hints of ginger and molasses, a must try this holiday season.

2. Homemade peppermint mocha

Oh yes, I am so guilty of spending money on special festive drinks, but last year, I started to make them at home! This is my recipe for a homemade peppermint mocha — just like the ones you can get at pretty much every coffee shop at this time of year.

3. Whole wheat gingerbread muffins

If you want something a little bit on the healthier side, these muffins are the answer! They are lightly and fluffy and the tops are perfectly cracked. I love to eat these for breakfast with a big cup of coffee!

4. Peppermint cheesecake bars

For the cheesecake lovers, these peppermint cheesecake bars are a great recipe to bring to a potluck! They use Oreo crumbs as a base and are sprinkled with crushed candy canes.

5. Chai spiced sugar cookies

I love sugar cookies and this recipe uses chai spices for a perfectly festive treat. I don’t usually ice these, but you could totally decorate them like you would any other sugar cookie. Plus Taylor Swift loves chai sugar cookies, so I think you will too.

6. Chocolate peppermint cookies

Are you sensing a peppermint theme here? I mean, this is a flavor that you can really only use in December, so peppermint everything! These are my mom’s favorite cookie because they are just so adorable.

7. Peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies

I know, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies might not seem like the most festive treat, but these are the cookies I brought to my cookie swap today and everyone raved about them. You can’t go wrong with this classic combination.

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Hi Carly and Louis, I love food inspiration but without photos in the post itself I can’t really imagine what the end result will look like. I know it’s probably a click away but and it’s a shame because it will probably stop me from trying a few of those recipes. Just a thought for next time;) Julie


These all look so good, and I’ve never made any of these besides molasses cookies. I’m not sure which I’d make first.


Love this post! All of these cookies sound delicious. I have a few parties coming up so I’ll have to check out the recipes.

Amanda Gnaedig

I just made the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night and OH MY GOODNESS!! They are soooo good!! And the recipe really does make 40+ cookies; I match around 5 batches or so.