A Daily Uniform

Even though I post an outfit or two on my blog every week, I don’t know how true outfit-of-the-day bloggers do it! I do my best to keep things realistic around here… I share things that I actually wear, with the normal accessories, and my typical shoes. Probably why you keep seeing the same shoes and the same accessories all the time.
But I do have a confession, I have adopted a major uniform this summer. I read an article about how one woman wore the same thing every day (black pants, white blouse) to work. I loved the idea. Men do it all the time with their suits and it definitely seems like it would make life easier… at least mornings!
While I don’t think I could so far as to commit to literally one outfit that I wore on repeat, my “uniform” is as close as it gets. It started off as combination of buying similar things and laziness in the morning and the fact that it’s been extremely hot here in the city. It turned into a great experiment. I always feel confident and put together, and most importantly, I feel comfortable and myself. It’s also taken a huge chunk of self-doubt out of my morning routine. (Anyone start to feel down on themselves when they can’t find something to wear that they love in the morning?)
What’s the formula?
Tipped A-Line Dress (extra 40% off!)
Rope Shift Dress (same print)
Navy and white dress + Jack Rogers sandals + Navy handbag, clutch, or tote

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The only thing that really changes is the dress… but luckily I have an entire closet full of navy and white dresses. Even though the formula is the same, swapping out new dresses makes it feel like I’m not really wearing the same thing every day.
Guys. I took it one step further and even tossed out 90% of my underwear and bought a whole drawer full of navy undies and grey undies. I used to paw through the drawer and picking over my least favorite colors until it was the end of my laundry cycle and I was stuck with the lime green pair I hated. It’s the simplest thing in the world. I love not having to think about it.
Would this make for a great fashion blog? Probably not… I can’t imagine posts filled with the same shoes and the same clutch and the same navy and white look would be appealing. But for everyday life? It’s a game changer.
Of course, this particular uniform only works in the summer time. Since I’ve loved the uniform so much though, I think I’m going to do a similar formula come cooler temperatures. Stay tuned….

Anyone else have a simple no-brainer uniform?!

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Caroline H. Mattox

Love love love! Question… any chance you will update your app anytime soon? (yes, I use it!) it's been glitchy… maybe just me! XO


Le Northern Belle

I love having those few go-to outfits that I know will look good! They're perfect for those mornings, when I don't have time to have a morning "fashion show" with my mirror, as I model like a dozen outfits! The great thing about dresses is that they're an outfit on their own. I never thought I would say this again, but I sometimes miss the easiness of having a high school uniform. BTW, I love that navy fit and flare dress on you!


Rachel S.

I've been cleaning out my wardrobe to make it a smaller group of items that can all be matched together in different ways easily – think navy/red/white/green everything. It got to the point where I knew certain colors just didn't work on my skin tone, but I had clothes that color anyway. Now, I have things that actually look good with my coloring, and that can be made into many different outfits.

I too miss my plaid skirt / white top high school uniform. So easy to get ready every morning back then!


Hi Carly! I actually have a few of these dresses: (http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-sleeveless-ponte-sheath-dress-with-pockets/id_272080) I typically hate going sleeveless, so underneath I wear a chambray button down or a 4/4 sleeve or long sleeved striped tee or a tee in a seasonal color. I have three pairs of flats in nude, black and leopard and I change up accessories, of which I have really limited to a few favorite pieces. The dress is fantastic and stands alone quite well, so often I don't need a scarf or statement necklace. I always feel chic, put together and never under dressed. I literally never have to think about what I'm going to wear to work. I thought I would get bored, but that dress is so indescribably wonderful!


Marisa Quinn Mieczkowski

My go to outfit is actually my latest blog post! It's a navy and white striped tee and shorts or pants depending on the season. Love all these dresses!
Marisa Quinn


I too have a navy and white obsession! It's classic and crisp and I always feel put together in the color combo. There are days I'm feeling lively and don a Lilly dress, but I sport the navy and white almost every day.

Lynn-Holly Fisher Wielenga

I love this post! Yes, having a go-to uniform might not be typical for fashion bloggers, but it's real. Mornings are already hard enough. Sometimes it's easier just to grab something you know will work and go. 🙂

Heather Bien

Haha, I just did the same thing with my underwear drawer that you did! It seemed so silly, but it really is so much easier not to even have to look at those odd colored pairs I never wear!

Sarah Gouin

I am happy to see that I am not alone in having a closet full of blue dresses – my husband thinks I'm crazy!!! Love the blue and white on you!

Kaydee Merritt

Lately I've been wearing simple jeans and a button up tucked in with some simple flats and maybe a cardigan. So easy to throw together in the morning for work!


I did a similar underwear purge lately! I bought two weeks' worth in nude, black, and white in my favourite cut and threw everything else away. It's so much easier now that I'm not rifling through a drawer of underwear I just felt so-so about! I also made a list of staple things that are missing from my wardrobe (i.e. a navy blazer, a white v-neck t-shirt) and am only buying clothes from that list. I've figured out what looks bad on me (PEPLUM, wide leg anything) and what works (skinny pants and shift dresses) and am sticking to those simpler cuts.

Mallory B

Love the scallop dress! This is probably the cutest "uniform" I've ever seen!!

xoxo, Mal


Abby Ingwersen

Oh, I adore this post! My uniform typically consists of a pair of tights, a neutral skirt, and a colorful sweater. Or tights and a dress. 🙂

Cecilia Lee

Thank you for this post, Carly! I've been struggling with trying to put together a professional wardrobe that doesn't take too much time. I'm a high school student attending dual enrollment college classes. I really want to look like I'm put together and mature, but I don't have time to make amazing outfits every day. After reading this, I'm definitely going to think about finding a few really good wardrobe pieces (probably in navy!).

Caitlin Cooper

Love the idea of a "uniform"! Especially navy and white dresses – they're so versatile and can definitely be dressed up or down depending on the situation. I love the classic look of the navy and white color combo; it's actually the color scheme my roommate and I are using for our dorm this year!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep

Shirley L

Happy to see you be true to yourself.

My uniform: jeans, tee, sneaks. Swap the tee for a blouse and sneaks for flats when I want to look less bummy.

Bailey H

You rock navy so well! Ever since I've started reading your blog three years ago, I've made navy my new black. I really like what you did about your underwear. That is so smart!


Ellen Borza

I remember when I read that article about the woman who wears the same thing to work every day and I thought to myself, wouldn't that make life so much easier?! BUT, picking out clothes is so fun. Love your summer uniform, Carly!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink


ha! I totally did that with my underwear about a year ago as well! But then I actually bought one cute pair thinking I would want to wear it sometimes and now it's always the last one in the way back and I hate it. 🙂

Rebecca H.

Wish that I could wear dresses every day! But I couldn't get my work coveralls on over them! My daily go to for being on site in a pharma plant is khakis/chinos, polo or oxford, ballet flats, and appropriate jewelry. Sometimes I'll whip out the statement necklace, but a lot of days, it's grab the basics and go!

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Pinterest: Pink Tools and Pearls


Weird question, but which brand/style of underwear do you prefer? I need to do the same purge and rebuy, but not sure which style is most versatile and what brands people live by! 🙂