A Few New Videos

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is the first Saturday in a while where I have no plans. I think I’m hanging out with a friend tonight, but it will likely be pretty low-key. With a hectic schedule over the past few weeks, I’m totally looking forward to sleeping in, lounging in pajamas, and maybe getting some organizing in.

August Faves

I’ve been uploading videos to my Youtube channel recently. I’m easing back into it, but the goal is to get two videos a week up. (Fingers crossed.) Below are a few of my most recent uploads:

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Alexandria Bocco

I think it’s attached on the YouTube website! If you click on the video, theres a button that says “youtube” and it’ll take you to the actual video.


Carly, everything is looking so polished on your blog these days! Hiring Carter was a good choice. Keep it up! 👍

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

I’m SO happy you are posting more on Youtube! In the last year I actually started to prefer videos on Youtube over blog posts. You just get to see much more of people’s real personality, and hear what their voice sounds like too.
Keep them coming!


You and your sister will be so happy to have the video of the two of you to watch in the future!

Alex C.

I’m so excited to watch your videos! It’s so fun seeing bloggers breaking into new formats.
Alex C. //

Southern & Style

Can’t wait to check out your favorites video! Just another video idea, I love empties posts (where you keep beauty/skincare/etc. products that you’ve used up and then share mini reviews in a video!) They’re my favorite types of videos to watch 🙂

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


I watched all 3 and loved them all. I really enjoyed seeing the products you liked for the month and the questions with Stacy! When I watched that video, I remembered that your family lives in Tampa. Sending thoughts and prayers their way that they will be safe.