A Note of Thanks

There are so many things I’m thankful for. This was my first full month of living in NYC and it’s flown by. I can’t believe it. I honestly really just cannot believe it.
There are a million and a half things that I’m thankful for. It would truly take days to compile a list that would still be only marginally comprehensive.
I don’t want to run through life without taking moments every now and then to say how grateful I am, especially for the people in my life. Really no success would be worth it (or frankly possible) without having incredible people by my side.
Adorably amazing roller skating girl image from Oyster Mag!

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Congrats on your first month in NYC! This was my first month of high school and it has also flown by so fast. So, I'm tying to be thankful for everything that happens because I know I will never get freshman year back!


Congratulations on your first full month of living in NYC! You deserve all the great things that you've worked so hard to achieve, and it's so great to actually be able to see your hard work pay off!