A Trick for Drinking More Water

One of my goals for (whoops) last year was to drink more water. It’s something that I know I needed to do, but just haven’t been able to make it click. Until now!
In some ways, yoga has helped. If I don’t drink plenty of water beforehand I don’t feel strong during class. And if I don’t drink water afterwards, I don’t feel well enough throughout the afternoon. Fatigue  sets in.
The major thing though that has made the biggest difference is this trick. I wouldn’t even call it a trick. It’s so simple; so simple that I can’t believe it’s the one thing that actually works.
Having a refrigerator stocked with full water bottles. BKR bottles, Nalgenes, Camelbak bottles, Klean Kanteens
That’s it! A fully stocked refrigerator! We have quite a collection of water bottles. Garrett’s the best about filling them up and putting them in the refrigerator. (I’m not the best…) Once one bottle is empty, it gets refilled or run through the dishwasher. There’s always fresh, cold water available and easy to go in the portable bottles.
My problem before was that there was a process involved with getting water. It wasn’t right there, right then. Instead of a fridge full of water bottles (good!), I had cabinets full of empty water bottles (bad!).
In case you’re wondering, my favorite water bottle so far is a tie between the Nalgene and the Camelbak. The Camelbak with the straw is perfect for yoga classes. I don’t have to worry about spilling my bottle and I can take a desperate sip really quick in between poses without being too disruptive. The Nalgene is perfect for everyday drinking, especially while I’m at my desk. I find myself drinking one or two Nalgenes a day without giving it much thought at all

Do you have any tricks– big or little– that have made a difference?

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That Nalgene bottle is so pretty! And I never would've thought to keep water bottles filled up and in my fridge. 🙂 Another trick that helps is to cut up lemons into slices and add a new one to your water each day.

Joyce Novacek

Great idea! And I agree about lemons. I find buying lemons helps me drink more water, because I like the taste of lemon water lots better than plain water — and I don't use the lemons for much else than water flavoring!

Arrows & Apricots

That's a great idea! I make sure to finish drink at least 32 ounces of water before each meal. It helps me stay on track with my water, and then I don't over indulge what I'm eating. It definitely helps!

Meg V Schneider

I don't have a ton of fridge space, so I only have one gigantic water bottle. I just carry it along with me and refill when I need to. Personally, it's a lot easier to drink water when I completely don't drink soda…I don't crave soda if I don't drink it for a while. If I've had in the past week, it's a whole 'nother story!
Meg of An Affair of Character

haley hoewt

the BKR bottles are definitely the way to go–I have 2 and love them! After going through camelbaks and nalgenes, I couldn't get over the plastic-y taste you get. Because the BKRs are made of glass, there is no residual taste. Definitely worth the money and they are super cute.

Lauren Scorzafava

I definitely think yoga helps me drink more water (and eat healthier!). We've talked about it before on Twitter but I do hot yoga so if you don't drink enough before class you'll be sick in there and then you sweat so much you need to replenish afterwards!

I have a bkr bottle that I love and also a huge cup from Yeti Coolers that keeps my water mindblowingly cold. Usually for yoga though I drink out of a Blender Bottle because I use an electrolyte powder in my water to prevent headaches. We totally need to chat yoga more!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls


Great post!! I really love adding cucumber or lemon to my water when I want a soda or a juice, that way I get a little flavor without the harmful ingredients in soda/juice.

Lynn-Holly Fisher Wielenga

What a great idea! For some reason, it would have never crossed my mind to fill them up before hand…

And I love Camelbaks too! For some reason, I just seem to drink more water when I'm using it. I think it's the straw…


Thanks to this post, I've just filled up the empty water bottles in my cabinet and put them in my fridge. I'm debating between ordering a brita filter water bottle, or continuing to filter and then fill bottles. DC water straight from the faucet tastes rank some of the time. It's amazing how simple this idea is!

I also find I drink so much more water if there is a straw involved.

Suburban prep

A few summers ago I had three kidney stone surgeries. I then got on the band wagon to drink more water especially. I keep a stadium glass of water by my bedside and I constantly have water with me where ever I go. The pain is something which was horrible. I will drink water with lemon or watermelon flavoring in it to mix it up a bit when just plain water is not doing it for me.


My trick to drinking more water is … a cute water bottle! I think I don't like drinking water from a regular water bottle, but if it's in a cute water bottle, glass or plastic, then I'll be more likely to drink it! I'm thinking of getting a cute pink glass one soon…

Caitlin Cooper

I use the same trick! I always make sure to have a full water bottle on my desk – I find that if it's right there, I sip it without even realizing. Whenever it gets empty, I force myself to refill it!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep


I've always drank a ton of water. I occasionally drink a gallon in one day. The more water you drink, you'll see so many positive benefits. I think it helps my face not break out during the summer months.

Sara Elizabeth

You could not be more right with having lots of bottles READY TO GO. I definitely do better when I have big bottles of water at my disposal at both home and work.

Mrs. Mason Dixon

I've made a habit of filling my nalgene every morning at work and sitting at my desk to drink at least half of it as I eat my morning clementine. The issue with me is having clean water – our city water is questionable, so I try to fill my nalgene at the water cooler at work as often as I can and especially before heading home each night.

Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

skyscrapers + palm trees

Yes! That is such a good tip! I have a filtered vase thing so I always have ready water to fill up my water bottle by the bed, desk, living room, etc etc haha. My goal for more water this year is going strong so far. I even invested in a cool glass bottle for my work desk to always have it full and try to drink at least two full bottles (22 fl-oz in each). Good luck and you guys can do this! 🙂

skyscrapers & palm trees

Anastasia Richards

Drinking warm water is gross to me. I invested in a 40 oz Hydro Flask and purchased the straw top to go with it. It keeps cold liquid cold for at least 24 hours (I fill mine with ice yesterday morning and there is still ice floating around) and hot liquids hot for 12 hours. I drink more water because I always have cold water next to me.

Anastasia Richards

Drinking warm water is gross to me. I invested in a 40 oz Hydro Flask and purchased the straw top to go with it. It keeps cold liquid cold for at least 24 hours (I fill mine with ice yesterday morning and there is still ice floating around) and hot liquids hot for 12 hours. I drink more water because I always have cold water next to me.

Julia D.

Setting timers to remind yourself to drink water! Based on whatever your goal is the amount you set a timer for will be different, but just having that alarm go off so that you remember how much you should have had already is key.