I had to share these Adele videos. Her new album 25 has already broken the one week sales record (previously held by N*SYNC since 2000) in just a handful of days.
Of course, I’m one of those people! I occasionally buy songs that I love, but it takes a lot for me to download the full album. I’m not a concert person at all… however, I think I’d make an exception to hear Adele sing live! I’d love it.

photo by Alasdair McLellan from her interview with i-D, you must read it if you haven’t yet!

I just love listening to Adele sing. She’s beyond talented and just listening to her moves me. Different than anyone else, right?! Oh, some of the songs have brought me to tears. (Especially when listening on repeat, it’s a problem!)
With a new album, I can imagine that the media blitz she goes through is strenuous and exhausting… and maybe a little bit fun. This video of Adele pretending to be Adele is amazing. She totally gets into the role of Jenny.

Anyone else listening on repeat?!

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Natascha Diariesinbags

Totally agree! 25 is amazing and I bought it the day it was released.
Since then I'm listening to "hello", "when we were young" and "sweetest devotion" all day long 😀

Kindest regards


The album is so easy to listen to on repeat! I think I listened to it 3 times right after I downloaded it. Hoping to snag tickets when she goes on tour!

Olivia Stieren

I've always been so into Adele! When I was in college and in my roughest semester, I listened to Someone Like You on repeat…my friends started to notice and challenged me to have it play 1000 times on iTunes. I succeeded – not sure if I should be proud of this or not! Haha. I LOVE her new album!