An Album, Two Shows, and a Documentary

Harry Styles Solo Album


Two words: HARRY STYLES. I was never really on the One Direction bandwagon. I liked some of their songs, and I’ve enjoyed Zayn’s recent music. However, Harry Styles y’all. There are no words to describe how in love I am with his new solo album. I had heard his song on the radio a few times and loved the sound, but didn’t know who was singing. I had to ask Siri and was shocked that it was Harry!

I spent way more time than I’d like to admit watching his performances with James Corden on Youtube. He seems insanely confident (and hot) on stage, and you can just tell this is the start of a ridiculous career. I promptly bought the whole album, which I’ve listened to on repeat ever since.

(Also, my mom is four years older than my dad… so I’m holding out hope.)


I just finished watching Girlboss on Netflix. I know nothing about Nasty Gal or Sophia Amoruso. If you don’t know, the show is loosely based on the book Sophia Amoruso wrote about starting her online clothing store. It’s an entertaining and easy-to-watch show, although Sophia’s character is downright unlikeable at times. I think the most interesting part of it is that it happens at such a cool period as far as the internet goes. She starts out with an Ebay store and launches a dot com without knowing anything about how to do it. It’s almost hard to imagine a time when you couldn’t just pop online and start a website in a day.

When I finished Girlboss, I wanted something else to watch. I recently figured out that I had Amazon Prime (not sure why I didn’t know that before, haha), but I was exploring the shows they had and stumbled on Good Girls Revolt. It’s REALLY good. There’s only one season, but it’s about women who work at News of the Week in the 1970s. The music and fashion are amazing! And it’s oddly relevant as the women fight for equality in the newsroom. I’m a few episodes in and hooked.


You guys know I love a good documentary! This one is interesting but also kind of freaky and weird. Just be warned. It seems like something a tabloid would have fabricated to sell more papers… but nope. It’s true. I remember when this Buzzfeed piece was circling around the internet last year about what has to be the most extreme and bizarre case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy ever. Basically, a mom tricks the world into thinking her daughter has all kinds of ailments (you name it) and the daughter eventually kills the mom. I told you, freaky. Well HBO has a documentary about the whole case called Mommy Dead and Dearest and it’s even weirder than you can imagine.

Would love to know what you’re listening to or watching lately! Anything good I should add to my queue?

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Jasmine W

Cable Girls on Netflix is really really good too. It’s about four young women starting a career at a telephone company as an operator in the early 1900s (I think?) and the music, storyline, friendships, female empowerment, and romance is amazing.


I agree that this show is really good. It’s set in Madrid, Spain in the late 1920s. I can’t wait for more episodes.


Cable Girls is SO good, it’s my new obsession! Tip if you do watch it though, it’s in Spanish and I found it better to watch it with English subtitles instead of the dubbing over what they are saying, their lips obviously don’t match up and it throws it off.


I will definitely check out Good Girls Revolt – thanks! I loved Lovesick on Netflix. The show is much better than the description sounds, funny and clever. And only ~22 min per episode and just 6 in season 1!


I have to fully agree on Harry Styles album. I was a 1D fan I have to admit but I am loving the direction that Harry is going in. It reminds me a lot of the music that my parents always played around the house when I was younger.


I’ve recently listened to and watched all three of these and really enjoyed them! A good murder documentary is always a nice treat.

Jackie M

The Crown on Netflix is really good! I’ll have to check out your suggestions. Xo


Just read the entire link from Buzzfeed! OH wow, I cannot believe how much has happened in that situation! I’m still processing and awaiting that documentary.


I also needed something to watch after Girlboss, and a few friends recommended Dear White People. It’s excellent!


Ah! I’ve been wanting to watch that documentary. I remember hearing the story when it first came out too – crazy! And James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke is the best! The one he did with Harry was hysterical too!


I just watched Mommy Dead and Dearest and wow it is a shocking story! Definitely intriguing, bizarre, and tragic for all sides of it.


Harry is making every girl day dream right now. Such a different style of music that seems so relaxing and grown up.

Amy Schwartz

Carly – if you love documentaries, I highly recommend Five Came Back on Netflix! It’s a docu-miniseries about American filmmakers who served in WWII making propaganda films. You will love it!


I watched the pilot episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show written by Amy Sherman-Palladino (of Gilmore Girls fame). I loved it. The main character is smart, funny and unapologetically authentic. There’s only one episode right now, but Amazon picked it up for 2 seasons. Episode 1 is streaming on Amazon Prime.


I went on a documentary binge this weekend! I watched the entire season of The Keepers on Netflix. As a Catholic, there were episodes that were difficult and infuriating to watch, although I’d imagine non-Catholics would feel the same. And as a True Crime lover, I was so intrigued by the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun.

Yesterday, I watched an hour long documentary about the Washington men’s crew team that overcame all sorts of odds to qualify and win the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics – if you read “Boys in the Boat”, same guys… I highly recommend – especially after the heavy subject matter of The Keepers.


There is a Sword & Scale (podcast) episode on Dee Dee & Gypsy! You should check it out!


I love the Harry Styles album too! And I’m also okay with marrying someone younger sooooo I’ll fight you for him 😉


YESSSS Good Girls Revolt is SO good! Also, really enjoying all of the solo endeavors of the One Direction guys!


Good Girls Revolt is a great show!! I have watched it a couple of different times now on Amazon!
I haven’t been able to get into GirlBoss yet but I might get it another try!!
Shannon xx


Current Netflix favorites: Reign (I’m behind on that as there are several seasons on Netflix) and The Crown.


I just watched the coolest documentary on Netflix yesterday. It’s called The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young. Without giving too much away, it is about a ridiculous, insanely gnarly ultramarathon that takes place every year in Tennessee. It is fascinating. As someone into fitness, you will appreciate how far the athletes push themselves to try to finish the race (most years, there are 0 finishers!) It’s also hilarious, the guy behind the race is a total character. Hope you like it!


A little late to this blog post (I had some catching up to do!) but I found it interesting that the family fromMommy Dead and Dearest lived in my college town! It was seriously so crazy.