Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick (Giveaway!)

I’m the world’s most boring lipstick-girl. I find one shade I like and stick with it for eternity without ever trying anything new. Almay sent me a bunch of lipsticks from their new line Smart Shade Butter Kiss…. and five sets to give away to TCP readers! I. Can’t. Get. Enough.
I think my lipstick mishaps boil down to a) not knowing what color to choose and b) the textures are either too dry or too sticky. Can anyone else relate? This Almay line solves both those problems. It’s super easy to choose a shade. They’re named after the color and skin tone they look best with (no confusing names that don’t mean anything about the color!) and the texture is incredibly smooth. Like, well, butter!!!! The hydration is extra important for me during the winter because my lips tend to get so dry from just walking around outside all day. (Learn more at!)
They come in four different colors: Berry, Pink, Nude, and Red. 
My mom and sister were over at my apartment last night. We spent a good thirty minutes playing with the lipsticks. We each have different skin tones so it ended up being great for divvying up the lipsticks! Ha! It was crazy to see how the different reds ended up looking with each of our skin tones. I loved the bright color pink (medium) looked in the tube, but we all agreed that the actual light shade looked so much better with my coloring.
The best part is that the lipsticks are available at your favorite drug stores and they’re totally affordable. It’s pretty fantastic. (Hey moms, these would be perfect stocking stuffers!)
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Thanks Almay and Teen Vogue for sponsoring this post!


PS These are also hypoallergenic… that is a huge selling point for me. (I once had my lips swell up and itch from a bad lip gloss!)

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Audrey Lin

Haha the only reason I don't wear lipstick is because I'm always eating, so I'll end up just eating the lipstick. I love that pink shade though! Maybe I'll make an exception for the holidays… but on the other hand, the best food is holiday food! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I love those colors I'll have to try them out! I also really love Revlon Colorstay lip stains.They give a nice color without the annoying consistencies of lip stick or lip gloss.


Lori-Ann Holbrook

I finally got around to trying these. I was skeptical, but love them! Almay was successful at taking the guesswork out choosing a shade to compliment my skin tone. Thanks for the recommendation.