Amy’s Apartment

If you’re not following my friend Amy Stone on Instagram you are missing out. Amy has one of the best eye for light and color! I would kill to be able to see the world like she does… I guess I will settle for being able to follow along on Instagram.
She really does have an incredible talent for capturing life in an inspiring way; whether she’s capturing fashion week (no blurry runway shots for her!), snapping a toddler for Gap Kids’ Instagram (her amazing job), or just exploring a new city.
Also, as a friend, it’s been really inspiring to me to watch her develop her eye, grow her following, and downright flourish personally and professionally. I’m so, so proud of her.
Amy describes her own inspiration perfectly: West Coast surf culture, classic East Coast preppy emblems, and 1960’s Palm Beach. That is so Amy Stone. 
Her apartment is the quaintest West Village apartment. A true one-bedroom that doesn’t feel overdone or cliche. It’s so true to who she is. Check out Domino Magazine’s entire feature on her apartment!

What do you think? Beautiful, right?

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Ashley Barker

Wow! Her Instagram is so pretty I want to cry! Haha (kidding, maybe?) She truly has a beautiful color scheme going on. Thanks for sharing this inspiration! Always love finding new Instagram accounts.