And we’re back!

South Carolina was lots of fun and we got a lot of work done on the water.
But me talking about that is kind of boring…. so here’s a video of how we (the coxswains) dress every morning before practice.
[We would like to note that on particularly cold days… like icicles on the riggers…. we wore double layers of Under Armor.]
And some photos.   Note the flannel uniform.
Okay, obviously this picture is of nothing… but it’s so funny to look at the view the tall boys have… Georgetown boy is holding the camera I think…
lots of flannel!
Another night of flannel
Fuddrucker’s… Interesting.

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Oh my gosh. That video had to be the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I know exactly how you feel. When I was in high school we were doing spring training and the coach was filling in for one of the boys that was sick and he made a mistake and made us flip. We were in VA in March. The water was 40 degrees. It was the single most painful experience I have ever had hahahah. Hope you had a great time!


Cute pictures! I'm not normally a fan of flannel, but y'all make it look so good! Oh, and I love your comment about Fuddruckers… I was in one in South Carolina too (Hilton Head, maybe the same one?) and it was definitely an interesting experience!


Love the flannel! Check out my blog, please, its young but I think there's promise in it! Have a great first day of classes!


The video is hysterical! I'm loving the layers, as well as the Prep Talk newsletter! It's so wonderful to get that email of goodness when I'm not looking forward to a day back at school. Also, I've never thought about the view of a "tall-person" as I live on the "short-side"! The perspective is hilarious!