I meant to share these earlier! Jack and I went on a quick little apple picking excursion and it was the perfect afternoon. Apple picking is always one of my favorite things to do in early fall as I think it sets the mood for the rest of the season. Normally we don’t actually have fall weather but even when it’s hot, I swear there’s just something about the fragrance of apples (and baked cider doughnuts….) that does the trick!

In previous years, this is more of an all day adventure. I’ll find an orchard somewhere and plan to spend a good chunk of the day there. This year, with a two year old, I knew that a short and sweet trip would be the ticket! I’m also glad we were able to squeeze it in– our schedules feel so busy and it’s hard to coordinate adventures (however small). So it was just Jack and me for one little afternoon. Right after his nap, we jumped in the car and drove to a small orchard called Sun High Orchards about thirty minutes away. We went last year, too, and while I don’t think it’s the best apple picking experience in the world, it is 100% the best with small children, especially on a weekday. Tons of parking, fewer crowds, a whole crop of animals you can feed, and (most importantly) very little walking required.

Taking him was very important to me (lol), so I was really committed to making it happen. We ended up having the BEST afternoon! Literally perfect weather (almost unheard of for apple picking normally, I swear) and almost no crowds. We got to the orchard a couple of hours before they closed and there was just one small little birthday party happening. Otherwise empty.

I had been hyping up the experience to Jack, who loves apples. Let’s just say, he understood the assignment. He walked right up to the tree, plucked an apple, started eating and was like good to go then. Then I explained we needed to fill the bag and, omg, he went to town filling it up. And he carried that heavy bag and wouldn’t let go!

His favorite part was eating the apple and then he just liked playing in their little pumpkin patch. Before I knew it was time to drive home for dinner and bedtime 😉 Easy peasy mom win!

Dress (c/o; also similar) // Similar Sweater // Sneakers // Tote

Jack’s Shirt 


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This is so adorable and absolutely mother/son goals! Did you take your tripod with and take these yourself, or were you able to grab a friend and bring them along to help you snag a few shots?


Gorgeous pics! Would love to know where you got the watch? Any links so I can support your blog?! 🙂