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Après Ski

Garrett bought me this ski sweater from J. Crew and now that I am the best skier ever (ha…..) I feel like I can actually wear it. Actually, I was so excited to wear it that I packed it for the quick trip and wore it in the car ride home.

The night we came home from skiing, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and it felt like I was still going down the mountain with my eyes closed. I was super terrified and exhausted, but I honestly am already itching to go back. I am embarrassed to share this, but I’ve been watching all these beginner ski tips on Youtube. They’re super helpful, but I really want to actually try everything again now!!!

(And bonus? The nasty bruise I got has gone from a greenish purple to black… it’s definitely healing and doesn’t hurt every time I lightly brush up against something, so I’m good to go for another trip.)

The sweater is super warm and perfect for layering. It has a looser fit, so if you’re in between sizes, I definitely recommend going down a size. The blue and cream is more my speed, but it comes in an aggressive turquoise and red that’s really fun!

I paired the sweater with a gingham shirt and a fluted white skirt.
Photos by Bekka Palmer
Can we talk about this pom pom hat?! I can’t stop wearing it. I even throw it on when I’m just walking Teddy around the block or running a quick errand. It. Is. So. Fun. I’ve been eyeing it for a while and finally pulled the trigger. (It’s sold out right now, but click the green “notify me” button. I did it and within a day it was available again… but be quick, it sold out again. I literally had to do it twice because I wasn’t fast enough!)
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CT Cupcake

cute sweater. As someone who learned to ski as an adult, I cannot recommend taking proper lessons enough. It will totally help with the fear and make skiing so more enjoyable.

Kaitlin Olivero

Carly! I totally thought I didn't need this sweater, but there you go wearing it in the most adorable way. Off to buy it 😉 I love the way you styled it.

Kaitlin |


I'm sure this comment will get edited out like most negative comments but I can't help but say something. This is the second time in a short span I've been a little disappointed with your content. While I appreciate the peak inside a bloggers world and respect that this is your livelihood, some of these outfits seem disingenuous. I live in NYC and I would never wear that outfit in this weather. It's just not practical. You say it yourself, you don't wear these out because they aren't appropriate. So why not post outfits that better suit the weather? That are REAL. Wear tights, and high boots. Show off your winter accessories. Ask Garrett to snap a pic of you everyday. It's not the end of the world if your photos aren't taken by a photographer.

Really, I'm just disappointed that this blog has started to feel like one big advertisement for Kate Spade and Nordstrom. The brands you represent, even if they connect with your personal style and interests, seem to rule your content now instead of you. I miss the semi-inappropriate self disclosures about your life and your struggles, and seeing things you actually find in a store and spend your money on because it's what you like instead of (c/o) everything.


I came here to say the same thing. I would love to see pictures of outfits worn to walk Teddy or for quick errands. The outfits shown lately don't make sense for winter in the Northeast.