April Showers | Perfect Pairings

Ah, we’ve survived the worst of the winter. (I hope.) Just like springtime in DC, the weather has been surprising. As in, the forecast says one thing and then the complete opposite happens. If the weather says it’s going to rain, it doesn’t. And if it says it’s going to be sunny, it rains. Except, of course, when you think you’ve outsmarted Mother Nature. And she makes a fool out of you and your footwear choice anyway.
I definitely ran through the ran twice over the past week. I’m normally always prepared with proper shoes and umbrellas, but apparently I haven’t been on my weather-dot-com-A-game lately.
Maybe I just need some springier options for umbrellas and rain boots. Because shopping is always the answer (……).
I love the idea of pairing umbrellas with matching boots. Right now, I have simple black Hunter Wellingtons, which are great for the fall and the winter. However, I could absolutely use some color on my toes. I mean… this could put some serious spring in my step! (Ha!)
What type of umbrella and/or rain boots do you use for the spring? Do you have different pairings for the different seasons?

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the last pair is just perfect!

I wanna be in NYC now, the weather in europe is crazy. right now it's SNOWING :'(

Kristie C.

I bought my first pair of Hunters two years ago (navy blue color) and I wear them all year long. I just change up the socks for different seasons.


I have a really cute umbrella from H&M with cats and boats and frills (more girly than I usually go for, but I do love it!)

Buuuuuttttt sadly my friend lost my glossy red hunters when she was rowing (rowers, eh?). They'll have to be replaced some time, but I don't know if I should go colourful again or black. I hardly wore my red ones because they didn't really go with any of my winter outfits, but in Summer at festivals it's so much more fun to have bright ones! I don't know what to do, help!!!


Vina Smith

I'm so attached to my pink Hunter Wellingtons! They make my rainy days so much brighter 🙂 can't wait to go umbrella hunting soon…



I absolutely love the coral hunters! They are seriously perfect for springs showers! Cant wait to sport this look around campus! 🙂

Cairee Alyse

Fitting, as I type this it has been raining for little over 12 hours with no signs of stopping. Our rainy-er season is the fall down here on the gulf coast, but spring is rainy as well. I sport the Hunter Jena Flat, similar to the Chooka Skimmers. I feel like I am too short for the boots. Have a beautiful pair of plaid green wellies from j crew too!