Ashford Castle

One of the best places we visited while in Ireland was Ashford Castle. (I’m realizing as I’m writing every one of these posts I keep saying that… I really loved all the places and couldn’t possibly start to pick favorites!) I think we got especially lucky with the weather for a day of exploring the grounds of the castle.
We left the Cliffs of Moher, did some shopping in Galway, and then made our way to Ashford Castle. It was so warm and summery. I couldn’t believe the grounds, gardens, and greenery.
We rented bikes for getting around the property and it was the best decision. There is so much ground to cover and the bikes made it a breeze.
Once I realized it was going to be really warm for a lot of the trip, I tossed this dress in just in case. It’s one of my favorite dresses this summer and I wear it (at least) once a week. I mean really, can you believe our luck with the weather?!
After our afternoon of exploration (there was not enough time to see it all!), we ended up having the loveliest dinner outside. As the sun set, I slipped into a sweater, but overall it was the nicest and most relaxing night outside.
We picked horseback riding as our “activity” during our visit. I suggested it and regretted it immediately when it actually came time to getting on the horse. We did a few circles around the arena and then we were off. I finally relaxed a little (after a few minutes of tears and panic) and it ended up being amazing! Our guide led us through the forest and gave us some more information about the property. (At one point we came up to a stone wall that was older than the huge trees we rode under!!)
Outfit #1: Seersucker Dress (c/o) + Backpack + Sneakers
Outfit #2: Similar Tweed Blazer + White Tee + Jeans + Boots (c/o)


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Tori A.

You look so pretty in all of these pictures! As for horseback riding, the worst part is summing up the gumption to get on the horse; after that, it becomes a wonderful experience!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day