At the Dog Park

These photos are about a month old, and I forgot to post them! Sadly, I think the days of bare legs in the park are gone until next summer. The past few days have been frigid here in Connecticut. It definitely gets colder, but there’s something about that first cold spell that feels particularly harsh. So far I’ve resisted wearing gloves, but I did have to dig through my storage drawers to find them (just in case).

Even with the cold weather, I’m always down to take the dogs to the park. As long as there isn’t pure ice on the ground (snow is okay), we’ll be there. In addition to being one of the dogs favorite places, it’s mine as well. I try to take them every other day just to get their energy out. Tired dogs are happy dogs and happiest dog owners. Beyond having tired dogs and just spending time outdoors (which I think is so important for overall happiness), I love watching all the dogs running around. It’s my happy place.

Prepster Dogs

I mean, are those the faces of happy dogs OR WHAT???

LL Bean Dog

The dogs’ jackets are from LL Bean, and I’m kind of obsessed with how cute they look when they wear it. Have I worn the matching sweater for myself at the same time, yes… yes, I have.

Woo woo!!! Everything at LL Bean is 25% off right now… including Bean Boots!

LL Bean Dog Jacket

Ever wonder how I get the dogs to sit still for photos? I hold a ball in the air haha. They don’t really like treats unless it’s something like a piece of pizza. The dogs have high standards.

Toy Poodle

It’s funny to see how the dogs’ personalities differ at the park. Teddy is all about playing fetch. It’s his single focus, and nothing will distract him. Ham, on the other hand, tends to run around like a maniac with everything catching his attention. I’ve slowly been training him to fetch the ball, and he’s kind of getting the hang of it.

Maltipoo Carly the Prepster Kiel James Patrick Dress

Prepster Dog

Excursion Vest // Similar Plaid Dress // Similar Riding Boots // Similar Belt // Dog Sweaters (c/o, Ham is wearing a Small and Teddy is in an XS)

PS I recently did a Youtube video with some dog advice!

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Kim P.

Love the dress! Have you picked up one of the new flannel dresses from KJP yet? And your dogs are the cutest, I love seeing pics of them. 🙂
P.s. Thanks for sharing the blogging tips earlier with me on insta. They’re super helpful.


Hi Carly! I have a Maltipoo that looks the same size as your dogs. What size did you get for them?