Did you know that athleisure is being added to the dictionary? I remember when the “trend” first started happening and I thought, “no way.” Now I don’t mind it so much… especially on the weekends. And! I’m recommitting myself to yoga this January. (I know it’s cliche, but I really do need to get back into a regular routine of practicing.) So I’m thinking it could be worth it to up my athleisure wardrobe. For motivation, right?
I used to only wear black leggings. Then I slowly started adding some color. It’s obviously psychological, but it does seem to help me get into a better mood before practicing. 
Here are some of my top picks:
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Katelyn May

I'm totally obsessed with those sheer leggings in the first image! I've wanted a pair with cut outs like those for the longest time now! My favorite pair of leggings has to be the Lululemon Wonder Under though, they are so comfortable and fit so well!

Xoxo, Kate // A Sprinkle of Kate