Audrey Hepburn

After coveting over Tiffany’s bracelets in middle school (thank you Legally Blonde for that trend), I swore that I would never like something “just because everyone else did.” I seriously wanted one of those heart charms around my neck and on my wrist… but once I finally got it, I realized that it was absolutely not me.
There are things that it seems like every girl likes. Or even loves. And in my completely stubborn way of life, I concluded that I wanted nothing to do with Audrey Hepburn. So cliche… 
Until I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I kind of got it. Really got it, actually.
This past weekend I went on a total Audrey Hepburn binge. Seriously. I watched Funny Face twice and then continued to work my way through How to Steal a Million. While I was getting ready for bed, I even had Breakfast on in the background. 
Maybe it’s her charming little voice, the animated eyebrows, or the so-sweet-and-quirky plots… but I’m hooked.
I’m ready to get short bangs and to don my Audrey outfit every day of the year.

A friend tweeted this to me:
What’s your favorite Audrey Hepburn movie? I need to watch, like, all of them!

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I think my favorites are split between Funny Face and Charade – although let's face it, it's so hard to choose! they're all great in their own ways.


One of the items on my 101 in 1001 list is to watch ten Audrey Hepburn movies that I've never seen before. I love Audrey in any movie, but my favourites are definitely "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Sabrina", and "Funny Face"!


Nicole LeBoydre

It doesn't actually have Audrey Hepburn in it but watch the 'Audrey Hepburn story' with Jennifer Love Hewitt playing Audrey.
Give's you a sense of what she had to get through as a child.

Vina Smith

Definitely a toss up between Roman Holiday and Funny Face… I've been planning on going on an Audrey binge too 🙂 Breakfast at Tiffany's is such a classic through, I would have to say it tops them all! I don't really care if I'm considered cliche, I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn!!


The Yuppie Files

Audrey is my favorite! I have never cared if it was cliche b/c she's just so classic. I started to love her when I was in high school, before it became cool so I tell myself I'm not following trends (haha). Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite movie of all time.


I love Audrey! LOL i evem have a pinterest board for her. 'Sabrina' is my faveorite of hers, or 'Charades'!!! Great pictures! 😉
Audrey isn't cliche, she's elegant and classic….


It's hard to pick a favorite, but see if you can find Two For the Road with Albert Finney. It's classic Audrey…a little quirky but great! When I was a Flight Attendant, I had Mr. Finney on a flight and immediately fell in love! Watch this movie, and you will too! By the way, HE also adored Audrey!


Check out Two for the Road. Its 70's Audrey and its even better than 60's Audrey. Watch it just for the beautiful scenery. Its a beautiful love story.

Juliana Pace

Audrey Hepburn is definitely one of my favorites! Hard to choose a favorite, but mine would be Funny Face first, with Breakfast at Tiffany's running a close second! Two for the Road is definitely wonderful as well!

Ashley Rizzardo

I love Audrey! Breakfast at Tiffany's is easily my favorite film – for some reason I find that when it is raining, it is a great film to watch. Other good ones are Sabrina, Roman Holiday, and Paris When It Sizzles.

Hope you enjoy the rest of her films!

Rena Lu

Roman Holiday is the absolute best. It was her first big Hollywood appearance, and her romantic interest in the movie is Gregory Peck (swoon!). Of course you also CANNOT forget about Sabrina and My Fair Lady. It's so funny that you made this post because my roommates and I totally had a biggest Audrey marathon ever! We all stayed on campus for break and we pigged out on Wisey's while watching movies in our Village B!


as a curly haired friend do not, i repeat do not, get short bangs. you will regret it for the next year and a half as you wait for your hair to grow out. you should however wear your audrey outfit more. because it's chic and comfy. two words that usually do not go together.

Anna H

That last picture of her is AMAZING. Audrey can do no wrong. And she only gets better the more you learn about her life and the causes that she championed later in life. One of the original style icons.

Liz Stewart

Roman Holiday! I actually keep a framed picture of her "I believe in miracles" speech on top of my dresser. Call me nerdy or crazy, but for me it's a great reminder and motivator as I'm getting ready for the day!


She is my absolute role model and style inspiration. Such an incredible woman, I did about five papers on her when I was in high school! My favorite Audrey flick will always be Breakfast at Tiffany's- such a dear classic 🙂

Stephanie Bartolomé

Charade satisfies my tastes completely. There's a romance, comedy, AND suspense. I love Audrey films about as much as I love Bogie's (Naturally, I LOVE Sabrina). Classics just have some kind of magic.


My Fair Lady if you liked Pygmalion (or confessions of a teenage drama queen 😉 ), but I will say that Roman Holiday tops the list. Any one of her movies with Cary Grant is a winner in my book.

Morgan Paige

I absolutely love Breakfast at Tiffany's…somehow I just feel as if I identify so much with Holly in the sense that I thought of myself as a "wild thing" until I found my biggest non-rat and fell in love.


You ABSOLUTELY must watch Roman Holiday and Sabrina. They are her first two films and are so beautiful and heartbreaking in different ways. Especially watch Sabrina for the clothes…her first collaboration with Givenchy is incredible.