August Favorites

This month was just packed with all kinds of amazing. I love those kinds of months, but it does make the time fly by a bit quicker. I’m still very much in a summer state of mind and don’t intend on changing that anytime soon, thank you very much.
Here are some of my favorites from the month:
Washi Tape // Every desk needs at least four rolls of this. I need something to take my notes up by my desk because my sticky notes were losing their stick. Of course, I also need to be able to remove the notes when I was done. In comes Washi tape and my life is changed forever. The uses for Washi tape are seemingly endless; I find myself reaching for it at least once a day. Besides taping notes by my desk, I’ve also been using it to extend the space in my agenda by taping the top of a paper in the square for the day so that it can be flipped up.

Essie “Take It Outside” // Not quite ready to give up my summer pinks, but Essie’s “Take It Outside” is the perfect transitional nail color. I’ve been wearing it quite a lot. The shade is gorgeous and it goes on smoothly. Unlike a lot of other lighter nail polishes, this one definitely dries better and cleaner, aka you don’t have to wait an extra 25 minutes for your nails to completely dry.

Starbucks Orange Valencia // I know I included Starbucks’ iced coffee in July, but this has to be the best item on the menu. I actually saw a girl on the subway drinking it one day and was curious about it. I inquired about “an orange colored ice drink with an orange slice” at my neighborhood Starbucks and can officially say I’m addicted to the Orange Valencia. It’s like adult Tang… but in a good way. Super refreshing.

Fresh Moisturizers // With my 25th birthday tomorrow, I’ve been really kicking up my moisturizing game lately. I went a bit crazy at the Fresh store down the street from me… buying all kinds of amazing potions and lotions. My routine is now: Wash with the Soy Face Cleanser day/night (with my Clarisonic). Then I spritz on Rose Floral TonerRose Hydrating Face Serum, and Black Tea Age-Delay Lotion (morning) or Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream (night). Love the way the whole regimen has been making my skin feel!

The Vacationers // I’m almost done with the book, but I needed to include it in August because I’ve really enjoyed reading it. It’s a light read and I love the way it’s written. The characters are perfectly quirky and the backdrop of Mallorca makes for a great summer read. While I was worried that the book fell into the “cute cover to make up for a boring book” category, I was pleasantly excited to really love the story!!! Definitely recommend.

Gigi New York Crossbody // I have very few words other than… I’m obsessed. It’s just the perfect size to hold all the essentials without feeling weighted down. Adding this to my long list of favorite handbags. It’s been added to the regular rotation, although I must admit that I‘ve been playing favorites and wearing it almost every single day.

Monogrammed Jack Rogers // These have been on my wish list for a while and Jack Rogers granted it! Normally Jack Rogers take a few wears to break in, but for some reason unknown to me, these feel amazing from Day 1. Not one blister and I’ve been wearing them for lots of city walks. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt that my monogram says CHA… I love cha-cha-cha-ing around town!)
What were some of your favorite things this month?

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Audrey Lin

I didn't understand how to use washi tape until I moved into my dorm room for my freshman year of college. It's the perfect thing to use to stick up posters and pictures on your wall! I also really need to get fairy lights soon 😛 I'm still reading The Goldfinch, which you recommended quite a few months ago (and that I'm enjoying a lot–I love Donna Tartt's writing style), and after that I'm going to have to get a start on reading for school, but after that I'll check out The Vacationers–I love the cover! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Maeva D'Agata

My favorite things this month are right on my blog 🙂
Your favorites are amazing, wash tape will be one of my favorite for September haha


Oh my goodness, I love that you referred to the orange refresher as 'Adult Tang'! I've been calling it this since I first tasted it, but everyone I know always says, "What's Tang?"

This was too awesome. Thanks!


The orange valencia refresher is so good! I just got it for the first time yesterday and it might be my new favorite! 🙂