This is really one of the last remaining outfits I could possibly pull together! This Mirth sweater dress has seen me through my second and third trimesters and it’s an MVP at this point. After a week of frigid, snowy, and icy weather we got a muggy week of rain. I was happy to see the slush melt away, sprayed my hair with an extra few sprays of frizz-shield spray, and drove into the city for lunch with my friend Sam. We have been trying to get something onto the calendar before the baby arrives and finally was able to coordinate childcare between our kids to make it happen!

Let me tell you…. it felt so good to sit down to lunch with a friend! I feel like I’ve been hair on fire since Halloween and, while I have had some moments of downtime, I just haven’t felt myself. Getting dressed, feeling cute, having my hair and makeup done… driving into the city without the craziness of the holidays, and getting to sit down with a friend was JUST what I needed. I’m so glad I was able to squeeze this in before my delivery. I know life is about to get crazy again!!

Jacket // Dress // Boots // Umbrella // Handbag // Similar Scarf


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