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Although I’m not going back to school this year (major yay!), I still can feel those little back to school jitters that creep up towards the end of July! (School in Florida starts super early… one year it started August 4th.) I know that my sister and a bunch of her friends are also gearing up for the start of school. This signifies a few things, like moving into new dorms, possibly getting ready for sorority recruitment, and preparing new wardrobes.
I’ve teamed up with College Prep sponsor Emma Graham Designs to create a super fun look book. I put together five looks that take you through the whole school year. I had a lot of fun going through EGD’s (newly redesigned) website to create dresses to fit each look.
Sorority Recruitment | Featuring The Britt Dress
Even though I’ve never gone through recruitment, or have any personal experience with the process whatsoever, Sporty Sister does! (Which, as her older sister, means I’ve sat in fitting rooms for hours while she found outfits that matched every “look” for each day required for her school.) While every school and each day has different outfit, finding a dress that flatters your body and fits your personality is super important!!! Be yourself! I know some of my friends from high school wore outfits that were not really their personality… and they acted in ways that wasn’t their normal selves… and talked about things they really had no interest in…. and then ended up in a sorority that was, in the end, NOT a good fit!!! Again, I haven’t personally gone through this… but I know that each school has different types of sororities and each has reputations for better or for worse. Keep an open mind and just be yourself. I, personally, would rather be in a perfectly fitting sorority instead of conforming to be in the “best” one. The real best one is the one that fits you.
Game Day | Featuring The Kristen Skirt
Showing school spirit on game days is like a sport in and of itself! (It’s even worse if you have colors that are hard to find…) If you’re lucky, you may find a dress or top or skirt that has a print that incorporates your school colors. The best solution is to focus on one color for the outfit, and accessorize with the second color. This look features yellow and black (any Georgia Tech girls out there?). It’s dressy enough for formal tailgating, but is also comfortable!!!
Formal | Featuring The Jenn Dress
This is the dress Mackenzie wore to the Jack Rogers party! It’s such a fun dress and the ruffle details are beyond perfection. Because the ruffling is so bold, you can go for less jewelry. Little touches, like bow earrings and a simple stack of pearl bracelets, are the cherry on top!
Spring Break | Featuring The Logan
I had only had one real spring break over the course of my college career! Most of my spring breaks were spent bundled up on the Potomac River coxing. But, senior year I finally got to go to Mexico with my family for the break. I way overpacked, but spent the majority of the week wearing the same casual outfit! I definitely wish I had had this scarf– it is so versatile… which really means more room in the suitcase. (Or less luggage depending on how you look at it!)

Graduation | Featuring The Aimee Dress
My graduation seems like a million years ago! I was initially really worried about wearing white because I’m pale… but it ended up being the perfect choice! Graduations are hot and summery and a white dress is just such a perfect idea. Plus you can wear it all summer post-graduation! Wedges are a must. Especially if you have an outdoor graduation, wedges are the right choice so you a) don’t sink heels into the grass, b) can walk across the stage without tripping, and c) have a little extra height! With a white dress, you can go for a little pop of color for your feet!
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Love the TOMS wedges for game day, comfy but they still give you some height!

xx Emily @


These looks are great. Emma Graham Designs always has such a classic look about their pieces, which I love! That formal dress is great. Isn't that the one Mackenzie wore to the JR-USA event?? Love it!!

Julia D.

They're all beautiful, but I love the "The Logan" and "The Aimee." Those pretties need to find their way into my closet ASAP!