So here’s the thing.
I absolutely do not miss school. I do not miss exams. I do not miss homework. I do not miss having to take classes that I have no interest in. I simply don’t miss it– I’m having way too much fun right now.
But what I do miss is back to school shopping.
Of course, seeing those back to school commercials were always accompanied by a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. But if summer had to come to an end, I better be picking out my new favorite notebooks and restocking on my favorite pens.
I also loved walking through the mall thinking that I could reinvent myself this year with the perfect pair of jeans… or the right shoes.
Whether you’re getting ready to go back to high (or middle) school, or on your way to college, or simply missing that back to school feeling… here are five things you shouldn’t forget:
Herschel Heritage Backpack // I think these backpacks are just the cutest. A couple of girls have them in the office… so they’re definitely not just for school.
Michael Kors Watch // Go from school to your internship to a night out. Plus… you’ll never be late. Great bonus! I’m kind of in love with the green face.
Clarisonic // Going back to school (or going into fall) with clear skin is an obvious must. It seems like every magazine has a clear-skin-before-your-first-class post. Start with the Clarisonic and add your favorite cleanser.
Pens // Seriously. Getting your favorite pens (even if you’re strictly a laptop/iPad girl) will get you in the mood for classes.
Rain Boots // Get started on the right foot. While you should definitely make sure you have a great flat (and maybe a pair of loafers), rain boots are totally necessary. I pretty much lived in my Hunter Wellingtons while at Georgetown. Perfect for schlepping around campus in between classes when it rained.
What’s on your back to school list?

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I love love love back to school shopping 🙂

I love the le pen pens you show and the V5 pens as well! 🙂 I would love to see a post about your updated desk! 🙂

AJ | TheAJMinute


For my back to school list I need to get some new folders, pens, some jeans (possibly nicer ones this year, fingers crossed), and a good pair of black ballet flats!


Alisa Renee'

You posted a gold agenda from The Container Store awhile back. I looked at it on the website and have been obsessing over it ever since. Today, I made the 35 minute drive to the nearest Container Store (well, the one with the least chance of traffic en route) and bought it. I am so in love. Everything about it is PERFECT. Thank you for sharing stuff like this. Now I have to find something else to obsess over.

Angel Chan

I agree with you completely! I recently graduated from college. When I see the back-to-school sale at Target and other shops, I wish I can join in to buy new school supplies and first day of school outfit. First time not buying a new academic planner, feels weird.

Cheap Students

I definitely need to buy myself a nice pair of rainboots. Unfortunately my campus turns into a big pile of slush come winter so it ruins any nice boots I have.


I just got a pair of hunters for my senior year in college! Is it weird to say that I can't wait for it to rain?


I am totally excited for my junior year of college (though it's going to be an extremely hard semester ahead.) I am lusting for a Barbour jacket for this school year!



Stephanie Harris

Good choices as usual Carly! As a returning college student I still wan to buy everything all over! Also I recently purchased one of those Herschel backpacks, and although I haven't used it yet for classes (few weeks of summer left), I can already Tell I love it!


Hi Carly, would you recommend getting the Rain Boots a size larger to ensure that I can wear them as well, when it gets really cold in winter? But I also want to wear them in fall and spring… Thank you! 🙂 Katrin


I absolutely love back to school shopping, and even though I've been out of school for a few years, I still plan outfits and buy supplies like I'm headed back. It's the perfect time to stock up, since most things go on sale.

I completely agree with buying decent rainboots. They're perfect for running around in, in the fall, especially good for hitting up pumpkin patches or when you have to slog your way through huge leaf drifts and they're soggy from rain.

Fashion and Happy Things

Shira Engel

My back to school list:
* adorable sandals
* large Moleskine notebooks
* a Contigo handle tumbler/mug
* a maxi skirt for those chilly classrooms
* cute folders



I concur with you totally! I as of late moved on from online university. When I see the back-to-class deal at Target and different shops, I wish I can join into purchase new school supplies and first day of school outfit. First time not purchasing another scholastic organizer, feels bizarre.