Backing Up Your Camera Roll

I have a confession to make. I’m cheating on my favorite app. I love Dropbox. It’s my go-to app for storing photos and documents in the cloud. There are only a handful of websites and apps that I use daily but Dropbox is absolutely one of those.
When I first found out about Carousel, Dropbox’s photo storing app, I downloaded it and fell in love. It eventually got moved within the Dropbox app and was fine for me for a while. But now I have so many photos that I couldn’t get the folder to open up. My photos are there, but without easy access to the photos, it kind of defeated the purpose.
So I looked online for a new option and man! I hit the jackpot.
Google Photos blows the competition out of the water. Here’s why I think it’s great:
1. It uploads your photos so fast. Dropbox would take some time and if I skipped a few days, it turned into a real chore. Google Photos zips through hundreds of photos in no time.
2. The features are kind of fun. Not only do you end up with a cloud-based backup of your photos, it automatically creates videos, animations, and collages from your photos that you can then save to your phone. The animations are my favorite as they piece together photos that you’ve taken in a row.
3. You can search photos. I repeat, you can search photos. Like, if you want to search your phone photos for that one picture of a strawberry but can’t find it, you can type in “strawberry” and all photos of strawberries pop up. Same for dogs, or beach, or cars, or Chicago, or even Garrett’s face. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. I played around with this and couldn’t believe the accuracy for something so automatic. It’s a game changer.

Highly, highly recommend!!!
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Once you have your camera roll backed up on Google Photos is it essentially a duplicate camera roll in the cloud, but still accessible on your phone through the app? I'm not sure if I should delete photos off my camera roll after syncing it all into Google Photos in order to free up space!

Julia Howe

This could not have come at a better time! My phone has NO storage left and I thought I was going to have to remove everything completely from my phone without access to them because I just haven't found a cloud app that I like. So thank you!

Mary Higgins

I love google photos! I never used dropbox, but I have been using Google Photos for a while now, and I think that it si so great! One of my favorite features is the face identifier!

Stacey Essel

I love google photos!!! I have been using it for my personal photos for a while. I also use it to back up and deliver photo sessions to people I take photographs for. I love that you can create folders within it too, so you can literally give people access to specific photos.