Backup iPhone Battery Charger

How cute are these backup iPhone battery chargers??? They’re at J. Crew right now and I think they’re going to be an amazing “stocking stuffer” for this holiday season.
If you’re anything like me, a low battery is most definitely cause for panic. Keep one of these stored in your handbag for emergency situations! You’ll be able to get a bit more juice to make it through the night.
I almost always have my iPhone charger in my bag with me… and I’ve been known to plug my phone in at restaurants. Eep! These are too perfect though.

PS I’m loving these J. Crew new arrivals too:

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I love (and definitely need) the J.Crew charger but I just got the iPhone5 and with the new USB I don't think they're compatible 🙁

xx Emily @


Ok, I lied. I looked at these yesterday and there were only solids and now the anchors are there. I am ordering right now and it is going to be a life saver for me.

Shelly Wu


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