Baking with My Grandma

I’m finally back in Connecticut after an extra long week in Florida. I truly enjoy every minute that I’m there and this trip was extra special. My grandma is an amazing cook and baker. Many of my memories are tied to what she has cooked for us.
Now, my grandma is eighty eight. Eighty eight!!! You’d never know it if you were to meet her in person. I was actually born on her birthday and she’s kind enough to claim that I was her best birthday present.
This year I thought it was time that we (my mom and I) start learning my grandma’s recipes. She brought over her favorite recipes on Thanksgiving and my mom and I picked two to bake that weekend. A mocha chocolate cake roll (our favorite growing up) and rugelach, a traditional Jewish cookie we love as well. 
Baking with my mom can be stressful because she’s super specific in how things should be done. Baking with my grandma? Exactly the same. Even though she’s my dad’s mom, my mom and her are eerily similar with their kitchen etiquette! I was shaking like a leaf doing some of the tasks because I could feel my grandma’s eyes watching my every move…
That said, halfway through the rugelach, I was doing it completely on my own. (Even counting out the very specific two maybe three raisins per cookie that her recipe calls for.) As I was counting out raisins and powdering a dish towel (!?) I realized just how important it was to be baking with my grandma so I could get all the tricks of the trade. Half of the things she said was not written down in the recipe! 
Taste testing aside– and there was plenty of it between the three of us– the best part of the whole day was just spending quality time with my grandma. I often only see her when the whole family is together. Of course, that is always nice. But… it was fun to have her all to myself for a day!
Oh, these were so good. Too easy to pop into your mouth. I definitely had a few for breakfast every morning before I left.
Definitely will be adding a couple more of her recipes in my repertoire the next time we’re together.


PS She also just started texting… it’s so fun!

PPS More ways to make memories with your family.

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Victoria Bamburg

This looks so yummy (so did the mocha chocolate cake roll I spied on snapchat)! I have also been taking time out to learn a few of my grandma's recipes. We are working on designing a cookbook with her recipes for her and the family.
PS I would love the recipe for these cookies. 🙂
Happy Holidays!


That sounds deeeeeeeelicious. My grandmother is not much of a cook/baker, however, my great grandmother was and though she is no longer with us I get to cook her recipes with my mom. I absolutely love it. I am happy you get to have this experience with her. So lovely.

Rose |

K Renee

How nice that your Grandma was able to spend time baking with you in Florida! Can you share the recipes or are they a family secret? ��

Laura Cronin

What a special time to share with your grandmother, I wish mine was still around to teach me her Czech recipes, I rely on my mom to teach me (who learned from her). You need to share these recipes in a blog post 🙂

Laura | Laura Aime Vous


Those cookies look delicious! Learning family recipes is such a fun thing to do! My mom has taught me a few of hers, but my great-grandmother was just one of the best cooks and no one can seem to replicate her cooking – they definitely don't write down half the things on the recipe card!



Oh enjoy her while you can. My darling grandmother is going blind and can no longer bake. But I remember the days we spent making chocolate chip cookies together when I was a little girl. So special. Make sure you write those recipe extras down!

Jenn Cramer

That is just so awesome! I wish that I had more time with my grandmothers, they just seem to know so much more than I could even seem to learn.


How sweet. Definitely enjoy the precious time with her. I lost two grandparents and my last great grandparent this year alone.


It’s definitely sweet to cook with grandma. I started cooking my grandma’s recipes for her while taking care of her. My grandma is 92 year old now and I am so grateful to have the sweet time with her.