Baking is the best.  And I can finally get around to it while I’m home!
Which I’m not anymore 🙁
(I’m off to Columbia, SC for a training trip.  Yay.)
First up, maple cupcakes.  With maple buttercream frosting.  The cupcake recipe is from a Martha Stewart cupcake book and the frosting was found online when I realized I didn’t have enough maple syrup for the Martha recipe hehe.
You didn’t think I was that talented did you?  The frosting gun can make anyone into a professional little frosting chef!
Beignets.  Delish.  My dad actually made these!  And they’re so yummy!!!
We had a little mishap with flouring the counter.  But Soccer Mom to the rescue.
Yea, we have a deep fryer..
Oh my they were so good!
Sometimes I forget, but I’ve actually been to New Orleans…  Way back in high school, we used to go to the SADD national convention every summer.  We always had an absolute blast.

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awesome! if you have time, go by Cupcake in the Vista in downtown Columbia, you'd love it!! and shopping on Devine St.


I just got back from New Orleans and seeing the beignets made me SO happy! I brought that box back for my mom – I'm hoping to make them this weekend!