banana bread

Here’s the deal:  My mom has been out of town… and I’ve been grocery shopping.  This is dangerous for a few reasons.  

  1. When I’m at school, I don’t have a car so I can only buy what I can carry.  I get a little carried away when I know that I can just load up my backseat and drive home.
  2. I have no idea what I’m doing.  All those choices in the grocery store freak me out.  When I’m choosing between fourteen seemingly identical bags of flour, I am completely ready to move to a communist society.
  3. Quantity completely goes over my head.
Case in point:  I recently bought sixteen bananas.  What happens to bananas after about, um, four hours?  They turn brown.  In two days, they’re really brown.  Now, when I was buying them, sixteen bananas did not seem like a lot of bananas.

Let me tell you though… sixteen bananas is a lot of bananas.
We’ve been having bananas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Somehow we managed to get down to the final two.  And they were lookin’ quite brown.  Have to brown bananas, will bake banana bread.
I went with a Martha Stewart recipe and it came out fabulously!!!

You can find the online recipe here.
I love baking- but I hate getting my fingers dirty.  I must have washed my hands twelve times before the pan went in the oven.  Mashing up the bananas was the worst part, but using a fork worked really well.
While I don’t recommend buying sixteen bananas, definitely try this recipe!!!

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Sundresses and Smiles

I'm horrible with quantity too–I cooked dinner for my family the other night and the recipe called for chopped up mushrooms, I bought 3x the mushrooms I needed!!


haha oh Carly. I can only buy like 4 bananas at a time and they still somehow go bad before I get to them! I made banana bread the other day too. 🙂


I love making banana bread, too, mostly because I won't even eat a banana if it gets frekely. It works really well if you just save your brown bananas in the freezer until you're ready to bake – then thaw them out and they're already mushed up! No need to get your hands dirty.