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Eight Ways to Wear a Barbour

I’ve been wearing my coats more regularly now. Even if it’s warmer in the afternoon, I need one in the morning while walking the dogs at the very least. The easiest coat to grab for just about everything is a Barbour Beadnell. I have a few that I’ve been gifted/purchased over the years. You don’t need more than one, though. They’re solid coats that will last you a lifetime and well worth the price. (Imagine passing yours down to your kids one day!)

Two years ago, I traveled to England and Scotland with Barbour to learn more about the brand. It was an unreal trip for a ton of reasons, but after touring the factory, I was completely obsessed with the brand and their dedication to quality.

Tuckernuck recently put out their Barbour guide, and even though I already love the brand, I find it helpful to see how they style the outfits. (True story: I wish the Tuckernuck girls would style me every day.) It also inspired me to share how I’ve styled my Barbour coats over the years.

What to wear with a Beadnell

This is the easiest outfit and one that I wear at least once a week in the winter!! The LL Bean Fisherman Sweater works perfectly under the Beadnell. (It runs very small, so I recommend going up at least a size!)

Navy Beadnell + Fisherman Sweater + Bean Boots

How to wear a beadnell in the winter

Throwing on a Barbour is a great way to “winterize” white jeans. I am still obsessed with this look two years later and fully plan on recreating it soon. I love the way the sweater makes the plaid lining pop a little bit more.

Olive Beadnell + White Cords + Red Sweater

barbour beadnell

This look is great for days when layering is essential! You have so many different options this way. You can just wear the shirt; the shirt + coat; the shirt + sweater + coat; the shirt + sweater… you’re set for a full spectrum of weather!

Sage Beadnell + Plaid Shirt + Sweater

Barbour Squire Coat

This outfit (and the outfit below) features a variation of the Beadnell but both would 100% work with it. I loved pairing a super chunky scarf with a basic cable knit and bright boots.

Barbour Squire Coat

While I do tend to dress my Barbours more casually, they can still work with dresses! In this case, a grey sweater dress, a bright scarf, and riding boots do the trick.

How to style a Barbour Coat

And the easiest outfit ever? See above. This is perfect for everything from sightseeing in a new city, attending class, running errands, etc.

Olive Beadnell + White Button Up + Grey Scarf + Sneakers

How to wear a barbour coat

Depending on where you are, this might not be the most practical of an outfit. But let me tell you, it was just perfect while traveling in Ireland this summer where it was warm but also windy.

Navy Beadnell + Fisherman Sweater + Ruffle Blouse + Hunter Boots

Navy Barbour Beadnell

This was taken years ago, but I still try to recreate it every year… I love it that much.

Navy Beadnell + Fair Isle Sweater + Ruffle Blouse + Riding Boots

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Omg! The last outfit is my favorite! But they are all so cute! Love the idea of “winterizing” white jeans. So ironic my mom mentioned today how she would want to give me her Barbour jacket when I can fit in to it! It’s one of my favorite clothing pieces in my moms closet because she has had it since like the 80’s. Have you ever done a post on like “classic/preppy clothing/accessories essentials”.

Addie Thompson

I love all the cute ways you’ve styled your Barbour, Carly! My favorite look would have to be the one with the red Hunter boots and that cute red scarf! Happy fall!

Katrina G.

Such a nice post. Tell me please which is your favorite color of these Barbour Jackets? I bought the brown one but love the blue and khaki as well.. :/


I love these roundups of your past outfits! I find them really helpful for getting in the spirit of a new season.

Brittany R

Carly, thank you so much for this post! Your Barbour outfits in the past actually inspired me to purchase a Barbour (the navy Beadnell) yesterday, so this post could not have come at a better time!


Do you end up wearing your Olive or Sage Beadnell more often? I’m STRUGGLING to choose between the two!