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#BarbourHolidays Tree Decorating

For as long as I can remember, my mom has roped me into helping her decorate the Christmas tree. Normally I wouldn’t mind helping my mom (of course!), but the Christmas tree requires me to climb to the attic and stand on chairs to hang lights. It is a funny memory year after year for my mom to laugh hysterically as I’m on a chair or coming down the attic ladder with a box on top of my head. And she always lets go of said chair or ladder, so I wobble like crazy. It’s a miracle I haven’t fallen (yet).

The result is always worth the effort, though. It makes it even more satisfying to flip the tree lights on, dim the room, and stand back and admire our work.

Barbour asked me to partner on this post with the theme being Christmas trees! I was so excited to hop on board, but I was also a little apprehensive. This would be my first time decorating my own tree without my mom’s assistance. I spent so much time planning what I wanted it to look like. I was starting from scratch with the decorations, and it took an entire Sunday to hunt and gather items for my “woodland creatures” tree.

Barbour College Prepster

First up is picking out the tree. Gar and I went to a farm nearby to hunt for the perfect tree. Even though I’m a perfectionist, I actually like Christmas trees to have a little bit of character. Maybe a little lopsided or a hole somewhere or kooky branches… Those are the trees that speak to me the most!

barbour brae wax parka jacket

When you step out of the car at the farm, the first thing that hits you is the evergreen scent. I especially love the way it smells when the air is extra crisp. The scent from bringing home a real tree makes the needles all over the floor well worth it, don’t you think?

barbour mallow knit

I couldn’t resist wearing this red Barbour coat because I knew it would “pop” against the evergreen trees. (Not to mention that it’s warm, layers well, and is water resistant of course!)

Red Barbour CoatIf you’ve been reading here for a while, you know my love for any and all things fair isle. If the pattern weren’t so cute, I’d say it was a problem. This navy and red Barbour fair isle sweater rose to the top of my favorite sweaters the minute it arrived.

barbour christmas tree outfit     barbour maybole beanie

After we had got the tree, we went about tying it to the roof of my Subaru. Well, Garrett did the heavy lifting and I “helped” with catching the rope on the other side. Driving home was interesting; I was convinced it was going to fly off the car, but the knots prevailed!!

Garrett also set the tree up for me (and the lights… I was hopeless) so I could start decorating. I blasted a holiday playlist and got to work.

barbour christmas tree

I created a little station on the coffee table with all the ornaments, grouped by “type.” I started with the big box of gold pinecone ornaments that I got and filled the entire tree as evenly as I could. Honestly, the pinecones alone looked great!

Then I added the glass bulbs before finally getting to the fun stuff: the woodland creatures!

woodland christmas tree fox ornament

I bought the little animals from a local nursery in Norwalk called Reynolds Farms. They each have the best personalities I swear!

star christmas tree topper

I was so anxious to put the star on top so I could admire the tree from afar!

woodland christmas tree theme

There are no words for how happy having a decorated tree in the apartment makes me. I sat on the couch staring at it for too long the first night it was up.

We had to keep the animal ornaments a little higher on the tree because the dogs think they’re toys, so don’t look too closely down there. Speaking of the pups, they wanted to get in on the #BarbourHolidays action, too.

barbour dog jackets

Wearing: Brae Wax Parka Jacket (c/o; available in green here) // Mallow Knit Sweater (c/o; available in red here) // Maybole Beanie (c/o; available in blue here)

Thank you Barbour for sponsoring this post!

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Dear Carly,
This has made me nostalgic and filled me up with so much joy.
I haven’t put up a tree for at least 10 years since I spend it alone most years.
You have given me hope and inspired me to get in the Christmas spirit.
Thank you,
Sodi 🙂

Judie Engel

Ah! I love this! You are just the cutest and I want to decorate trees together and cuddle up with hot chocolate and the dogs and watch weird girly movies and make cookies with you! Love you.
x J


I love this outfit but all the links you have posted are invalid! Please can you post the correct ones? Thank you! Ps – Lovely post xx


SO in love with the woodland creatures theme…I just started putting up my own tree last year in my apartment, and we worked on this year’s on Sunday! We hopelessly have zero ornaments (they’re all tucked away in storage at home) so I’ve been looking for ideas all week!


Honestly, this is just too precious. I love your tree! My mom always tries to rope me into helping with the tree, but this is the first year that I’ll be too far away (and in an apartment that is waaaaay too tiny for a tree!). Thanks for sharing 🙂 You look so cute!

x, Tyler |


Hi Carly ,

Thanks for sharing your tree. Do you have a link for the fuzzy tree skirt (or is that a blanket wrapped around or something?)

Thank you!


I love the red Barbour! DC is a sea of traditional Barbour jackets and I love seeing that the coats can provide a pop of color. I’d love to see a guide on fit and sizing for Barbour. While the sizing is sort of straight forward id love to learn more about how the jackets should fit.

Amelia Allen

I LOVE this sweater! Fair isle is my favorite winter print- and your tree is fabulous! One question, is there a way to order on Barbour’s site? All I see is “Find a Store” and I can’t see prices either 🙁 Wanted to make sure I can order it!


Could you please share where the red coat came from? I’ve been hunting for the perfect red jacket and this may be it! (but I can only find it online in green) Thanks!

Katie McC

Love the Christmas trees in the background! I am from Florida so I have never been to a Christmas tree farm until this past October when I took a trip to North Carolina to see the leaves change. We stumbled upon a farm and they let us walk around!