Bathing Beauties

It’s cold.  It’s February.  It’s midterm season.
But… Spring Break is RIGHT around the corner.  Georgetown has an early break; it begins on March 2.  This is the first real spring break that I’ve had since freshman year… of high school.  I’ve always had to train for crew, but now that I am not coxing I get to have a real break!!!
We’re going to Mexico!!!!!!
As a family.  I’m really excited.  I’m also trying not to worry so much about the fact that I might have to live under an umbrella slash hide under towels to avoid the sun…. But I digress.
I am really looking forward to just having a few days of relaxing.
Picking out bathing suits is always a challenge.  I’m quite particular about bathing suits.  I don’t like strings in the back of the top…. I hate the knot when you lean back or wear a coverup.  Coloring is a trick too since I’m pretty pale 😉
Here are my top three pics for this year:
I love the seersucker bandeau top and the fun print and mixed pattern on the bottom.  This is most definitely my number one pick.  I think it’s a “must-have” actually!!! 

J. Crew is always a good option as well.  The bright red is quite fun and the ruffling is just an added bonus.
I have never tried on a Nanette Lepore bathing suit before… but this one has me tempted!  I like the teeny-tiny cut out with the bow!
Where are you going for Spring Break?  Where do you normally buy bathing suits from?

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I can't wait to go swim suit shopping! I'm in Utah so it's cold up until about May. Thanks for giving me some inspiration!


No spring break for me now that I'm working, but I'm headed to DC in early March for the first time and then heading to NYC (one of my favorite places) for about a week in June. I can't wait!

I usually buy my bathing suits from Victoria's Secret, if only for the underwire. I adore the Anthropologie suit, and the Nanette Lepore one with the bow is just lovely.



I love buying bathing suits.. but am very particular as well! I actually had the Anthropologie one and the J Crew one in black on my pinterest wishlist! I think they are both adorable! You will have so much fun in Mexico!


I won't have a spring break this year, BUT I'm off to Spain for a 5 month internship next week. So I might need to go spring-break-shopping after all 🙂

Belle Amour

Hey Carly! Just a thought, Since you burn super easy it may be a really great idea to find a tanning salon near you and just start with like 3 minutes of tanning and work your way up until you leave for mexico. Though its not the best for you, it's can be even worse for your skin to have a really bad burn. So to save yourself from the pain, try building up a base tan and then you won't have to worry as much about burning. I used to work at a tanning salon and soooo many people would do this before spring break! Just an idea 🙂


I always buy my bathing suits from J. Crew (can't beat the quality!), but I loveee the anthro one. So different!


Love the Anthropologie one! Soooo cute! Forgot to check out anthropologie for suits! Love this post!! Getting me excited for break!! 🙂


I'm going to Rome, Italy for spring break as part of a history course I'm taking at my school, John Carroll University! I'm super excited 🙂 We leave next Thursday, and will be there until March 10th! So, no swimsuits for me, but tons of sightseeing and soaking in of Italian culture!