Bathing Suit of the Year

Even though I tell myself that I’m not going to buy another bathing suit, I end up breaking and doing it year after year. I’m picky about bathing suits. I don’t why exactly, but I get a little bit of panic every time I put on a bathing suit. It has nothing to do with how I feel about my body; even when I’m feeling as confident as ever it still happens. I think a huge part of it is that it feels a little revealing, like having a dream where you go to school and realize you forgot to put on pants. (Okay, only me?!?! HAHA) Now that I’m older, I am much less prudish about being naked, but I used to be the girl who changed in the bathroom stall during PE instead of the locker room. I think the tiny pang of panic when I put on a bathing suit stems from that.

Bottom line? I like to feel pretty covered, at least where I don’t feel like a suit is particularly cheeky or that I’m one ever-so-slight move away from a “wardrobe malfunction.”

Last year I bought this v-neck plunge bathing suit and it quickly became my “bathing suit of the year.” It’s such a great suit and, most importantly, I feel amazing wearing it.

I made another purchase a month or so ago and it’s definitely my bathing suit of 2018. I was initially on the fence about it and just decided to give it a try anyway. It’s a little bit sexy (for me at least 😂) with a higher cut on the leg and feels very timeless. I know that this (along with last year’s suit) will be favorites for years to come.

It’s a thick bathing suit so I feel like it does a good job at slightly sucking you in and smoothing you out. It has a shelf bra and pads if you need/want it. Normally one pieces kind of flatten me out, but this one still has a great shape in the chest. And obviously, the bows down the back were a huge (okay main) selling point for me. I thought they’d bother me (like when I lean back on a chair), but they’re totally comfortable and I don’t even notice that they’re there; they also lay flat and don’t stick out when you slip on a coverup.

J. Crew Bow Back Bathing Suit

J. Crew Bathing Suits Carly the Prepster

Gotta love a beach club that has yellow and white striped towels!

Carly Heitlinger Gasparilla Beach Club Bow Back Bathing Suit

Gasparilla Inn

Beach Accessories

Bathing Suit // Crossbody // Sandals // Sunglasses


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You look absolutely amazing in that swimsuit, Carly! The bows are too cute, and I also love your sandals- the cutouts are so fun and chic. These photos are so pretty and summery 🙂
Xx Lilly
The Dapper Lilly |


Do you have any tips on how to pose in bikinis or in outfits in general? I tend to feel like I’m too staged or in a pose that isn’t super flattering!

Shae-Lynn Perreault

This is so cute! What size are you wearing, and did you find it ran small, large or true to size?


Yes! you look so incredibly great in this bathing suit and was inspired to purchase a black one for me too!

P.S. To piggyback off Ellen…tips on how to pose in a bathing suit/bikini would be greatly appreciated.