Bathing Suits

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot again with Stylewatch Magazine for their upcoming bathing suit issue. On a very snowy January afternoon, I flipped through racks of bathing suits of every type and color to pick out a few options for the shoot. There’s something about bathing suit shopping that makes my palms start to sweat. I’d just rather not, thank you. However, I had the BEST time trying on a bunch of swimsuits and found more options than I imagined I would. I think I ended up with six “top” picks. SIX. When does that ever happen when you’re in a store?!

Despite the snow falling outside (seriously, it was like being in a snowglobe), I felt like I should be packing a bag and heading somewhere tropical. Luckily, I have two warm trips planned for March. Woo, woo! First up, I’m going to Bermuda next weekend with my fave photographer and friend Carter Fish. I can’t wait to share more about that trip, but for the time being, just know that I’m pumped. It’s not going to be full-on bikini weather, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. And then a week after I get back from Bermuda, I’m off to Palm Beach (and a tiny stint in Tampa) with Julia for a girls’ trip.

I’m ready for all the swimsuits! (It doesn’t hurt that I’m really feeling strong and healthy from all the working out I’m doing… can’t lie, friends, can’t lie.)

J. Crew Red Striped One Piece

Below, I’ve rounded up some cute picks of the season from a bunch of places. But I also wanted to let you know that J. Crew brought back my favorite suit from last year, in both red and navy. It’s just such a classic silhouette but still feels modern and cute. I recently got this seersucker suit and this floral one. I also am dying to try this ($22!!!!) lemon one piece and this gingham scalloped bikini. Oh, I also tried this one on during my fitting, and it’s an incredibly flattering suit– kind of retro too!

PS As crazy as it sounds to think of bathing suits in February, in my experience, it’s the best time to buy to ensure you get the size and style you want! Once they start selling out, they’re gone!!

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Carly, you look so great! Fit and healthy!

I love your swimsuit picks. I have a hard time buying swimsuits. Lilly Pulitzer has been the only brand that truly fits me…however, they did not make swimsuits last year. Keeping my fingers crossed they will have some this year.


You looked amazing on your instastory footage of the shoot! I love one piece swimsuits these days, and I am the rare girl who actually loves to buy them. I just don’t have that many occasions to wear them, so I have waaay too many!
Classic Catherine


I love that red and white striped bathing suit! I’m always nervous about swimsuit shopping because I’m a 34dd and it’s so impossible to find suits that fit my chest and my narrower hips. How is the support in the red and white suit? I’m really thinking about getting it!


There isn’t a ton of support to be honest…. I just made it work with the adjustable shoulder tie. (You can make it tighter or looser as needed.)


That’s how I feel!! Haha, but this year everything is so cute! There seems to be more options in terms of fit too, it’s not all just boring bikinis!


Can you vlog in Bermuda and/or palm beach! That way all your readers can escape from their winter nightmares and be on the beach with you! We miss your vlogs. 😰


Loving all the ones you featured (and how different they all are)! I was looking for bathing suits yesterday and stumbled across that lemon one and fell in love! How cute is that!

Caroline Biggs

Ordered the american eagle pink floral crop top after I read this. Fingers crossed it fits!


Jealous of your warm weather travels! Are you able to share the Tory Burch swimsuit you were wearing in your Snapchat? It was so cute!!


I have never had a one piece bathing suit in my adult years but I really want to get one this year!
Xo, Kelsey |


Love all the pics and have gotten strong and powerful like you because I’ve been working out a ton and it’s the best feeling isn’t it?! Just bought an adorable swimsuit from Billabong after what seemed like an eternity of try ons.


Thanks for the tipps absolutely adore them! I will definitely try to get my hand on one if any chance possible I can get it shipped to Germany ☺


Yeah I’d be interested to know what size to get? The reviews seem to say size down?


I’m VERY long in the torso and larger in the chest, so I personally sized up, but the way it ties makes it pretty adjustable!