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Even though it’s definitely not bikini weather here in Connecticut, I’ve been on the hunt for cute bathing suits. I do this to myself every year. Once we’re almost, almost into spring, I start obsessing over warm weather clothing, even if it’s not currently practical. That said, I also hate when I have a summer trip planned and start looking for bathing suits and everything is sold out in my size or color preference in June. Why do these retailers do this to us?!?
Old (epic) J. Crew photo
I am kind of particular about a few things when it comes to bathing suits:
– If I’m getting a bikini, I have to be able to choose a different size for the top and bottoms. I’m almost always a medium on top (at least) and either an extra small or small on the bottom.
– It’s okay for the bathing suit to tie around the neck, but I do not like it when a bathing suit has a knot in the middle of my back. I find it incredibly uncomfortable to lean back on chairs and I don’t like having an awkward lump under a cover up.
– I’m not really into super skimpy bathing suits but I also don’t mind showing a little bit of skin. The only thing is a definite no is I prefer my chest to be a little but more covered. I would just like to send out a major thank you to the force behind this halter/crop bikini top style this year. The perfect way to feel covered up and still chic.
So here are the suits topping my wish list (click the arrow on the right for more):

Anyone else in the market for a new bathing suit?

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Danielle Rowe

I'm ALWAYS on the market for new swimwear. You can never go wrong checking out Target, but I absolutely love anything from

Danielle Rene

I'm the exact same way about becoming obsessed with summer clothes at the first minuscule glimmer of spring! I also love the high neck crop bathing suit tops, but for a different reason. I have a small chest and wide shoulders, so this helps the illusion of having a narrower frame I think. The tan line is just gonna suck though.

Megan CC

If you haven't checked yet, Aerie has quite a lot of those high necked halter swimsuits, that are just a smidge more interesting than the plain jcrew ones posted here 🙂

Meagan Marie

I just ordered the gingham bandeou bikini from jcrew factory yesterday! Hoping it fits well. Ordering a bathing suit online is nerve-wracking because I too always ordere different sizes for the top and bottom.

Princess Kaiulani

You should check out Mishni Bikini! It isn't a big brand, but her products are great. Their Wili top is one of my favorites.

Allie Provost

i'm so excited for all of the new kate spade swim styles!! although the pizza i ate last night may not be as excited haha…love all of these choices!



ohmygosh! I love that floral and stripe one piece from Anthro – I was just looking at their site yesterday and must have skipped this because it is amazing!!